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Gamewide Character Relationship Chart

Comm colour coding Main Chat Dream

MainDec 22Luke Smith*, Topher Brink*xLuke arrives and Topher recruits him into Romac.Bethesda Fountain
ChatDec 22Topher Brink*xTopher alerts Romac to Luke's presence.
MainDec 22Bruce Banner/the Hulk*, Topher Brink*xThe Hulk arrives and Topher fails to recruit him into Romac.Bethesda Fountain
ChatDec 22Topher Brink*xLori (NPC) alerts Romac to the Hulk's presence; Topher warns them not to engage.
MainDec 22Lucy Saxon*, Peter VincentǂxLucy arrives, interrupting Peter's magic show, and they mutually use each other for sex.Central Park; Peter's apartment
MainDec 23Lucy Saxon*, Zagreus*xZagreus arrives and Lucy explains the situation.Central Park
MainDec 23Luke Smith*, Tony Stark*xTony Stark briefly appears in New York and Luke happens to walk past him.Central Park
MainDec 25Bruce Banner*, Yuri KostoglodovǂxYuri attempts to recruit Bruce into the rebellion, and introduces him to Blythe (NPC).Streets; public library
MainDec 25Nepeta Leijon*, Topher Brink*xNepeta arrives and Topher explains.Central Park
MainDec 27Daine Sarrasri, Yuri KostoglodovǂxDaine arrives and Yuri recruits her into the rebellion.Central Park; Rebel Base
MainDec 28Bruce Banner*, GabrielxGabriel arrives and Bruce explains the situation. Bethesda Fountain
MainDec 28Daine Sarrasri, Yuri KostoglodovǂxDaine discovers Yuri's hairy little problem.Rebel Base
MainJan 2Gabriel, Lucy Saxon*xGabe and Lucy meet, share a drink, and poke the rift; Lucy reveals her power.Central Park
DreamJan 2Daine Sarrasri, Gabriel, Peter Vincentǂ, Topher Brink*xTopher dreamwalks, visiting Peter, Gabriel, and Daine.
MainJan 8Daine Sarrasri, Luke Smith*xLuke and Daine meet and befriend one another.Public library
MainJan 10Lucy Saxon*, Peter Vincentǂ, Zagreus*xLucy introduces Zagreus and Peter to one another.Central Park
MainJan 11Andrew Noble*, Daine SarrasrixAndrew arrives and Daine assists him.Times Square; Rebel Base
MainJan 12Andrew Noble*, Bruce Banner*, Daine Sarrasri, James Wood*, Luke Smith*xJames arrives and is split into his component personalities. Ambrose meets Luke, and the Doctor meets Bruce. The Master meets Daine, who reunites him with Andrew. The Master attempts to abscond with Andrew, and Andrew discovers his own power.Upper East Side; East Village; Times Square; Rebel Base; subway
MainJan 12Ianto Jones*, Topher Brink*xIanto arrives and Topher recruits him into Romac; Topher lets on that he knows more about Torchwood than he should.Hernshead, Central Park
ChatJan 12Luke Smith*, Topher Brink*xTopher makes a PSA, which Luke interprets literally.
MainJan 12The Doctor (10)*, Luke Smith*xThe Doctor arrives, and Luke explains.Times Square
MainJan 13Nepeta Leijon*, Zagreus*xZagreus accidentally discovers Nepeta's home.Nepeta's cave, Central Park
MainJan 13Bennett Halverson*, Gabriel, Topher Brink*xBennett arrives and Gabriel reunites her with Topher.Broadway @ Times Square Hotel
MainJan 13The TARDIS*, Topher Brink*xThe TARDIS arrives and Topher explains.Central Park
ChatJan 13Ianto Jones*, Topher Brink*xTopher subtly alerts Ianto to the TARDIS's presence.
MainJan 13Ianto Jones*, the TARDIS*xIanto receives Topher's message and is reunited with the TARDIS.Bethesda Terrace
ChatJan 14Lucy Saxon*, Peter VincentǂxLucy offers Peter a business proposition.
MainJan 15Gabriel, Peter VincentǂxGabriel meets Peter and improves one of his card tricks.Central Park
ChatJan 15Lucy Saxon*, Peter VincentǂxLucy texts Peter to apologize for not showing up; Peter gets defensive.
MainJan 15Daine Sarrasri, Nepeta Leijon*xDaine meets Nepeta and explains what raccoons are.The Ramble, Central Park; Nepeta's cave
ChatJan 16Daine Sarrasri, Yuri KostoglodovǂxYuri attempts to explain smartphones to Daine.
MainJan 16Bruce Banner*, Daine SarrasrixDaine reveals her power, and she and Bruce question animals about the rift.Rebel Base; Central Park
MainJan 17Bruce Banner*, Daine Sarrasri, Gabriel, Yuri KostoglodovǂxGabriel meets Daine, who shows him the base and introduces him to Yuri. Gabriel explores the base and talks to Bruce.5th Ave. Station; Central Park; Rebel Base
ChatJan 17Daine Sarrasri, Yuri KostoglodovǂxDaine requests Yuri's help.
MainJan 17Andrew Noble*, James Wood*xSmut. Also, they go shopping.A hotel room; East Village
MainJan 18Lucy Saxon*xLucy has an indulgent day, and no one confronts her.Wollman Rink, Central Park
MainJan 18The Doctor (10)*, GabrielxGabriel meets the Doctor and buys him a mocha.56th Street
MainJan 18Daine Sarrasri, James Wood*xDaine and her dogs meet the complete James.Central Park
MainJan 19Daine Sarrasri, Sam Tyler*xSam arrives and Daine explains.Central Park
DreamJan 19Aglet Bottlerack*†, Alianne*†, Andrew Noble*, Bruce Banner*, Daine Sarrasri, the Doctor (10)*, Gabriel, Ianto Jones*, James Wood*, Lucy Saxon*, Peter Vincentǂ, Sam Tyler*, Topher Brink*, Zagreus*xDream Party: the dreamers are transported to a house full of cushions and comfortable furniture, and find themselves inclined to cuddle with one another.
MainJan 20Roxy Lalonde*xRoxy arrives and talks to a cat.An alley
MainJan 20The Doctor (10)*, the TARDIS*xThe TARDIS finds the Doctor and solves the mystery of the kittens.Central Park
ChatJan 20Ianto Jones*, the TARDIS*xThe TARDIS informs Ianto she has found the Doctor.
MainJan 22Daine Sarrasri, Edgar Sawtelle*xEdgar and Almondine arrive, Daine explains, and they discover his power.Central Park; Rebel Base
DreamJan 23Daine Sarrasri, Gabriel, the TARDIS*, Topher Brink*xThe TARDIS explores the dreaming and visits Daine, Gabriel, and Topher.
ChatJan 24Lucy Saxon*, Peter VincentǂxPeter is needy.
MainJan 24The Doctor (10)*, Peter VincentǂxThe Doctor meets Peter and offers to buy him dinner. Peter tells him of Lucy's presence.Central Park
MainJan 24Daine Sarrasri, Edgar Sawtelle*, Luke Smith*xLuke encounters Daine and Edgar, and reveals that he is with Romac.Central Park
MainJan 24Andrew Noble*, the Doctor (10)*xAndrew splits in two and gets separated on the subway; the first Andrew encounters the Doctor.Subway
MainJan 24Andrew Noble*, Daine Sarrasri, the Doctor (10)*xAndrew splits in two and gets separated on the subway; the second Andrew encounters Daine and the Doctor. The Doctor and the TARDIS help reunite the Andrews, and Daine injures herself on a kitten.Subway; Central Park
ChatJan 24The Doctor (10)*, the TARDIS*xThe Doctor enlists the TARDIS's help in locating an errant mini-Andrew.
MainJan 24Andrew Noble*, Daine Sarrasri, the Doctor (10)*, the TARDIS*xThe Doctor takes Daine and Andrew back to the TARDIS for scans, and they go on a tour of her interior.Central Park
DreamJan 24Nepeta Leijon*, Topher Brink*xTopher seeks Nepeta out in the Dreaming.
ChatJan 26Gabriel, Topher Brink*xGabriel invites himself over.
MainJan 26Gabriel, Topher Brink*xGabriel and Topher have a movie night.Topher's apartment
DreamJan 26Daine Sarrasri, Gabriel, Lucy Saxon*, Peter VincentǂxPeter becomes mentally unstuck and involuntarily visits Gabriel, Lucy, and Daine.
MainJan 27Daine Sarrasri, Edgar Sawtelle*, Gabriel, Yuri Kostoglodovǂ xDaine's attempts to improve Yuri's lot result in a werebear rampage when Edgar stumbles upon them. Gabriel helps knock Yuri out, but both angel and bear are captured by Romac.Rebel Base; Central Park
DreamJan 27Daine Sarrasri, Gabriel, the TARDIS*, Topher Brink*xGabriel, unconscious and in the hands of Romac, dreams of battle. Daine, the TARDIS, and Topher are witnesses.
MainJan 28Daine Sarrasri, Yuri KostoglodovǂxDaine liberates Yuri from the good people of Romac.Romac Base
MainJan 28Gabriel, Topher Brink*xTopher rescues Gabriel from captivity.Romac Base
DreamJan 28-29Almondine*, Andrew Noble*, Daine Sarrasri, Edgar Sawtelle*xDrained by excessive magic use, Daine takes a two-day nap and encounters Andrew, Almondine, and Edgar in the Dreaming.
MainJan 29The Doctor (10)*, the Master (3)*xThe Master arrives and the Doctor argues with him.Bethesda Terrace
ChatJan 29The Doctor (10)*, the TARDIS*xThe Doctor informs the TARDIS of the Master's presence (she already knows).
DreamJan 30Ianto Jones*, Zagreus*xIanto and Zagreus encounter one another in an unhappy dream.
MainFeb 5Daine Sarrasri, Gabriel, Luke Smith*, Topher Brink*, Yuri KostoglodovǂxSpeaking in Tongues event post: Topher attends the Bethesda Terrace party; Daine arrives in dog form and meets up with Luke; and Yuri attempts to convey his gratitude to Gabriel.
MainFeb 5Andrew Noble*, James Wood*xSpeaking in Tongues: Andrew and James awaken to discover they've lost the power of language.A hotel room in the East Village
MainFeb 5Daine Sarrasri, GabrielxSpeaking in Tongues: Daine and her dogs meet up with Gabriel in the park.Central Park
MainFeb 5Lucy Saxon*, Peter VincentǂxSpeaking in Tongues: Lucy is frightened by the loss of language and seeks out Peter's company.Rebel apartments
MainFeb 5Daine Sarrasri, Edgar Sawtelle*xSpeaking in Tongues: Daine and Edgar commiserate sans words.Rebel base
MainFeb 5The Doctor (10)*, the TARDIS*xSpeaking in Tongues: the Doctor and the TARDIS discover the rift's latest effect.The Ramble, Central Park
MainFeb 5Bruce Banner/the Hulk*, Daine Sarrasri, Edgar Sawtelle*xSpeaking in Tongues: the Hulk does not like gibberish. Daine and Edgar attempt to calm him down.Central Park
MainFeb 5Daine Sarrasri, Yuri KostoglodovǂxSpeaking in Tongues: Daine and Yuri talk (sort of) about recent events and Gabriel.Central Park
MainFeb 8Andrew Noble*, the TARDIS*xAndrew runs into the TARDIS, who tries to get him to see reason and stop hating the Doctor.Central Park
MainFeb 9The Master (3)*xThe Master's TARDIS is cranky, so he goes outside to investigate the city.Unspecified
MainFeb 9The Doctor (10)*, the TARDIS*xThe Doctor romps in the snow and tries to convince the TARDIS to do the same.The Ramble, Central Park
MainFeb 10Gabriel, the TARDIS*xGabriel discovers the TARDIS's non-humanoid corporeal form, and the two of them get to know one another better.The Ramble, Central Park
DreamFeb 10Alianne*, Andrew Noble*, Bruce Banner*, Daine Sarrasri, the Doctor (10)*, Gabriel, Ianto Jones*, Peter Vincentǂ, the TARDIS*, Topher Brink*, Yuri KostoglodovǂxDream Party: the dreamers find themselves in a place dear to them.
MainFeb 15Lucy Saxon*, Peter VincentǂxPeter has a nightmare and teleports into Lucy's bed.Lucy's apartment
ChatFeb 15James Wood*, the TARDIS*xJames writes the TARDIS a note, and they arrange for her to examine him.
MainFeb 15Daine Sarrasri, Yuri KostoglodovǂxDaine assists Yuri by testing the bars of his newly remodeled cage, and he reveals the circumstances of his first transformation.Rebel Base
MainFeb 16Alianne*, Daine SarrasrixAly arrives; she and Daine discover they're unsynced in time from one another.Sheep Meadow, Central Park
MainFeb 16Andrew Noble*, Daine SarrasrixDaine assists Andrew in learning about the triggers for and limitations of his power.Training room, Rebel Base
MainFeb 16Gabriel, Peter VincentǂxPeter runs into Gabriel on the street and follows him back to his workplace. They argue.Streets
MainFeb 16James Wood*, the TARDIS*xJames goes to the TARDIS to have her examine his body and mind.The Ramble, Central Park
MainFeb 16Lucy Saxon*, Zagreus*xZagreus is uneasy about his newfound power, and goes to Lucy to talk about it.Lucy's apartment
MainFeb 16The Doctor (10)*, Ianto Jones*, the TARDIS*xIanto is troubled by his dreams and comes to visit the TARDIS. The Doctor is confused.The Ramble, Central Park
MainFeb 18Alianne*, GabrielxGabriel discovers Aly and takes an interest.East Village
MainFeb 20Lucy Saxon*, Sam Winchester*xSam arrives, and Lucy buys him lunch and explains the situation.Central Park
DreamFeb 20Aglet Bottlerack*†, Alianne*, Andrew Noble*, Daine Sarrasri, the Doctor (10)*, Edgar Sawtelle*, Gabriel, James Wood*, Lucy Saxon*, Peter Vincentǂ, Sam Winchester*, the TARDIS*, Topher Brink*, Yuri Kostoglodovǂ, Zagreus*xDream Party: the dreamers have been transported to an endless playground and transformed into animals.
MainFeb 24The TARDIS*, Topher Brink*xTopher needs to talk, so he visits the TARDIS.The Ramble, Central Park
MainFeb 24Andrew Noble*, Lucy Saxon*xAndrew goes out for coffee, and encounters Lucy.A coffee shop
ChatFeb 24Lucy Saxon*, Peter VincentǂxLucy shares her amusement at Andrew with Peter.
MainFeb 24Alianne*, Bruce Banner/the Hulk*, Yuri KostoglodovǂxBruce is hit by a car, and the Hulk befriends Aly and Yuri.Central Park
MainFeb 25The TARDIS*, Zagreus*xZagreus confronts the TARDIS.Nicholas Roerich Museum
MainFeb 25Alianne*, Andrew Noble*, Daine Sarrasri, James Wood*xIn order to avoid spending the night of the full moon within hearing distance of Yuri, Daine has a sleepover with James and Andrew. Aly sees her off.Rebel Base; subway; Andrew & James's flat
ChatFeb 25Andrew Noble*, James Wood*xAndrew texts to let James know they're running late.
DreamMar 1Alianne*, Andrew Noble*, Daine Sarrasri, the Doctor (10)*, Edgar Sawtelle*, Gabriel, James Wood*, Peter Vincentǂ, the TARDIS*, Topher Brink*, Yuri Kostoglodovǂ, Zagreus*xDream Party: the dreamers are transported to a masked ball at a country manor.
ChatMar 2Daine Sarrasri, GabrielxDaine requests to talk with Gabriel.
MainMar 2Daine Sarrasri, GabrielxDaine confronts Gabriel about his true nature.Central Park Carousel
MainMar 4Alianne*, Daine Sarrasri, Gabriel, Lucy Saxon*, Peter VincentǂxPeter performs magic in the park and Aly and Daine come to watch at separate times. Gabriel interferes with one of Peter's shows from afar, and Lucy comes to Peter's rescue.Central Park
DreamMar 5Daine Sarrasri, Gabriel, Sam Winchester*, the TARDIS*xSam has a nightmare, in which he is visited by Gabriel, Daine, and the TARDIS.
MainMar 6The Doctor (10)*, Gabriel, Peter Vincentǂ, the TARDIS*xGabriel enlists Peter as a drinking buddy. After destroying Peter's television, Gabriel visits the TARDIS and gropes the Doctor, then makes out with the TARDIS.Peter's apartment; the Ramble
MainMar 6Lucy Saxon*, Peter VincentǂxPeter goes to Lucy for comfort, but ends up tending to her while she's sick.Lucy's apartment
MainMar 7Gabriel, Seth*xSeth escapes from the rebels and receives assistance from Gabriel.Columbus Circle subway station; Gabriel's apartment
MainMar 7Daine Sarrasri, Yuri KostoglodovǂxYuri takes a break from writing, and discusses online dating with Daine.Rebel Base; Central Park
MainMar 8Jennifer Strange*xJennifer arrives and is inducted into Romac by Barry (NPC).Huddlestone Arch, Central Park
ChatMar 8Daine Sarrasri, GabrielxDaine texts Gabriel with an offer for a dog.
MainMar 8Daine Sarrasri, GabrielxDaine introduces Gabriel to Scout.Central Park Carousel
DreamMar 8Andrew Noble*, Jennifer Strange*, the TARDIS*xThe TARDIS opens up her mind to visitors, and plays hostess to Andrew and Jennifer.
MainMar 9Aglet Bottlerack*, Jennifer Strange*xAglet arrives and discovers his power; Jennifer explains things and fills out the relevant paperwork.Jennifer's apartment
MainMar 10Jennifer Strange*, Topher Brink*xJennifer gets lost while trying to turn in Aglet's paperwork, and meets Topher.Romac Base
MainMar 11Edgar Sawtelle*, Jennifer Strange*xJennifer takes the Quarkbeast for a walk and encounters Edgar and Almondine.Central Park
MainMar 12Cecil Palmer*, the TARDIS*, Topher Brink*xCecil arrives by appearing inside the TARDIS, and Topher comes to recruit him.The Ramble, Central Park
ChatMar 12The TARDIS*, Topher BrinkxThe TARDIS requests that Topher come pick Cecil up.
DreamMar 13Aglet Bottlerack*, Alianne*, Andrew Noble*, Daine Sarrasri, Gabriel, Jennifer Strange*, Lucy Saxon*, Peter Vincentǂ, Seth*, the TARDIS*, Topher BrinkxDream Party: dreamers are pulled into a 1930s hotel from multiple points in their personal timelines.
ChatMar 14Gabriel, the TARDIS*xThe TARDIS and Gabriel communicate via a mixture of prayer and text messaging.
MainMar 14Gabriel, the TARDIS*xThe TARDIS prays for candy, and Gabriel delivers.
MainMar 14Cecil Palmer*, Gabriel, Ianto Jones*xCecil spends some time at the pub and meets a few of the strange denizens of New York.Wilmot's End
MainMar 15The Doctor (10)*, Tony StarkxTony takes a break from inventing, meets an apparently insane man calling himself the Doctor, and goes for burgers with him.Streets
DreamMar 15Aglet Bottlerack*, Daine SarrasrixAglet goes adrift in the Dreaming, where he encounters Daine in kitten form.
MainMar 16Gabriel, Seth*xSeth returns to Gabriel's apartment.Gabe's apartment, Hell's Kitchen
MainMar 16Lucy Saxon*, SpikexSpike arrives and meets Lucy.Streets near Central Park
MainMar 16Spike, Blythe Summerset (NPC)xSpike goes to the rebels to get an apartment, and has a friendly chat with the local lie detector.Rebel base
MainMar 17Cecil Palmer*, the TARDIS*xCecil freaks out about the emergency of street cleaning day and visits the TARDIS for help.The Ramble, Central Park
ChatMar 17Andrew Noble*, Cecil Palmer*, Ianto Jones*, Sam Winchester*xCecil broadcasts the news about street cleaning and fields calls from listeners.
MainMar 17Daine Sarrasri, Peter Vincentǂ, Sam Winchester*, Yuri KostoglodovǂxThe denizens of Manhattan react to Cecil's news of the disaster about to befall them.Around Manhattan
MainMar 21Andrew Noble*, Topher Brink*xAndrew meets Topher and invites him home, where Topher passes out on the floor.A street in Chelsea; Andrew and James' flat
ChatMar 21Andrew Noble*, the TARDIS*xFaced with an unconscious man in his kitchen, Andrew phones a friend.
DreamMar 21Topher Brink*xTopher is forced into the Dreaming by Beatrice (NPC). The TARDIS comes to the rescue.
DreamMar 22Aglet Bottlerack*, Andrew Noble*, Daine Sarrasri, Gabriel, Jennifer Strange*, Peter Vincentǂ, Sandalia de Rabiffano*†, Spike, the TARDIS*, Yuri Kostoglodovǂ, Zagreus*xDream Party: the dreamers find themselves in Caerdroia.
MainMar 25Alianne*, Ianto Jones*xIanto tests his rift manipulator, and it does not go well. Alianne investigates.The Ramble, Central Park
ChatMar 25Ianto Jones*, Topher Brink*xIanto texts Topher asking for help.
MainMar 25Gabriel, Topher Brink*xGabriel invades Topher's mind in search of information on Romac, in the process learning enough about Topher to convince him that Topher needs to die, then destroys part of the base.Romac Base
MainMar 27Gabriel, the TARDIS*xGabriel visits the TARDIS, and informs her about how he murdered her friend (or so he thought).The Ramble, Central Park
DreamMar 27Daine Sarrasri, Yuri KostoglodovǂxYuri dreams while in werebear form and Daine ends up in his head.
MainMar 29Peter Vincentǂ, Seth*xSeth buys Peter a drink, then graciously relieves Peter of his bothersome superpower.Wilmot's End
DreamApr 2The TARDIS*, Topher Brink*xTopher finally regains contact with the outside world, after a week of being locked up, and reaches out to the TARDIS to let her know he's not actually dead.
MainApr 3Sam Winchester*, SpikexSam returns to the world of the living, metaphorically speaking, and ironically encounters Spike.A random coffee shop
DreamApr 3Aglet Bottlerack*, Andrew Noble*, Cecil Palmer*, Daine Sarrasri, the Doctor (10)*, Gabriel, Ianto Jones*, Lucy Saxon*, Peter Vincentǂ, Sam Winchester*, Seth*, Spike, Sunshine†, Topher Brink*, Yuri KostoglodovǂxDream Party: Dreamers find themselves incapable of lying, with some rather uncomfortable consequences.
MainApr 4Alianne*, Topher Brink*xAly is out dog-walking, and befriends a lonely Topher.Central Park
MainApr 5Gabriel, Seth*xHaving found out at the recent dream party that Seth took Peter's power, Gabe demands he gives it back.Gabe's apartment, Hell's Kitchen
ChatApr 5Gabriel, Peter VincentǂxGabriel warns Peter to put on some pants.
MainApr 5Lucy Saxon*, Peter VincentǂxPeter tests his newly regained power by teleporting into Lucy's living room.Rebel apartments
ChatApr 5Gabriel, Lucy Saxon*xLucy thanks Gabriel for the return of Peter's power.
MainApr 5Daine Sarrasri, GabrielxDaine encounters Gabriel and Scout in the park and learns about Seth and his imprisonment.Central Park
ChatApr 7Cecil Palmer*, the TARDIS*xCecil offers to ward the TARDIS, and is surprised to learn she does not wish to see him.
MainApr 7Cecil Palmer*, the TARDIS*xCecil puts wards on the TARDIS to keep librarians in angels out.
MainApr 8Andrew Noble*, Daine Sarrasri, the Doctor (10)*, Edgar Sawtelle*, Jennifer Strange*, the Master (3)*, Spike, the TARDIS* [planned: Lucy Saxon*, Topher Brink*]xAndrew is hit by a car and splits in twelve. The tiny Andrews encounter and are assisted by a variety of people (especially Daine), and one is kidnapped by the Master. [Planned: another Andrew is briefly held captive by Lucy for purposes of rescue and amusement.]Throughout Manhattan
ChatApr 8Alianne*, Daine SarrasrixDaine contacts Aly via darking, seeking help with the Andrewsplosion.
MainApr 8Aglet Bottlerack*, Andrew Noble*, Jennifer Strange*xJennifer takes a tiny Andrew home, then they set off with Aglet in tow to return Andrew to his flat.ROMAC apartments; Chelsea
MainApr 9Andrew Noble*, Ethan Richards*, Zagreus*xEthan shifts from one universe to another without realizing it, and encounters a helpful monster and a tiny man while attempting to discern whether he has gone insane.A pizzeria in Chelsea
MainApr 9Daine Sarrasri, Ianto Jones*xDaine finds a lost Ianto and attempts to communicate.Skater's Road, Central Park
DreamApr 12Aglet Bottlerack*, Andrew Noble*, Daine Sarrasri, Gabriel, Peter Vincentǂ, Spike, the TARDIS*, Yuri Kostoglodovǂ, Zagreus*xThe dreamers are transformed into their own worst fears and transported to a gigantic, abandoned funhouse.
ChatApr 15Andrew Noble*xAndrew sends out a missing person report for his tiny self. He gets no replies.
ChatApr 16Aglet Bottlerack*, Gabriel, Ianto Jones*, Jennifer Strange*, Sam Winchester*, Zagreus*xSam meets new people via the network.
MainApr 18Spike, SunshinexMuffin Girl arrives and is greeted by a vampire.Conservatory Garden, Central Park
ChatApr 19Gabriel, Peter VincentǂxGabriel instructs Peter not to put any pants on.
MainApr 19Gabriel, Peter Vincentǂx Peter gains insight into Gabriel's life when the latter takes him out for drinks.Rebel apartments; Hell's Kitchen
DreamApr 22Aglet Bottlerack*, Andrew Noble*, Daine Sarrasri, Edgar Sawtelle*, Gabriel, Jennifer Strange*, Lucy Saxon*, Peter Vincentǂ, Spike, Sunshine, the TARDIS*, Tony Stark, Yuri KostoglodovǂxDream party: the dreamers are transported to a magical zoo full of mythical creatures. While there, they are inclined to feel happy.
MainApr 23Daine Sarrasri, Peeta Mellark, Yuri KostoglodovǂxPeeta arrives and meets Daine. Yuri helps him with paperwork.Central Park; Rebel base
MainApr 25Peeta Mellark, SunshinexPeeta and Sunshine both have the idea to borrow the rebels' kitchen in the early morning, and bond over baking.Rebel base
MainApr 25Andrew Noble*, Daine Sarrasri, Yuri KostoglodovǂxDaine helps Yuri get through a daytime moon. During a break, she tells Andrew he is pregnant.Rebel base
MainApr 26Gabriel, Sunshine, Zagreus*xGabriel goes drinking and meets a few people.Wilmot's End
ChatApr 26Gabriel, [planned: the TARDIS*]xGabriel requests that his feather be returned.
ChatApr 26The TARDIS*, Zagreus*xZagreus contacts the TARDIS about his visit with Gabriel
MainApr 26The TARDIS*, Zagreus*xZagreus needles the TARDIS about Gabriel and is generally a big jerkCentral Park
MainApr 27Daine Sarrasri, Edgar Sawtelle*, Peeta MellarkxDaine takes it upon herself to introduce the latest doppelgangers.Rebel Base
DreamMay 1Aglet Bottlerack*, Aiden*†, Andrew Noble*, Daine Sarrasri, Gabriel, Jodie Holmes*†, Peeta Mellark, Peter Vincentǂ, SunshinexDream party: the dreamers are transported to an anonymous office building where they experience zero gravity.
MainMay 5Daine Sarrasri, Sandalia de Rabiffano*xBiffy arrives in wolf form and is aided by Daine.Rebel base
MainMay 6Aglet Bottlerack*, Edgar Sawtelle*, Jennifer Strange*, Peeta Mellark, Spike, Sunshine, Yuri KostoglodovǂxThe Bother With Bunnies event post: Edgar meets Sunshine; Sunshine checks in on Spike; Yuri and Peeta wrangle rabbits; Aglet and Jennifer contend with some new roommates.Rebel Base; Rebel apartments; Romac apartments
MainMay 6Alianne*, Daine Sarrasri, Edgar Sawtelle*xThe Bother With Bunnies: Daine wakes up to bunny mayhem; Aly and Daine work together on bunny-wrangling; Edgar seeks Daine out to help.Rebel Base
ChatMay 6Andrew Noble*, Daine SarrasrixThe Bother With Bunnies: Andrew sends an open inquiry, Daine responds
MainMay 6Andrew Noble*, the Master (3)*xThe Master taunts/interrogates his captured AndrewThe Master's TARDIS
DreamMay 6Andrew Noble*, SunshinexThe Bother With Bunnies: Andrew dreams of drowning in bunnies, Sunshine helps him out
ChatMay 7Andrew Noble*, the Doctor (10)*xAndrew seeks the Doctor's assistance in rescuing his last self
MainMay 7Andrew Noble*, the Doctor (10)*xThe Doctor and Andrew discuss rescuing the other AndrewCentral Park
MainMay 8Daine Sarrasri, Johnny Truant, Peter Vincentǂ, SunshinexThe Bother With Bunnies: Johnny arrives, meets a rabbit, Sunshine, Peter, and Daine, then loses his rabbit.Central Park
MainMay 11Aiden*, Jodie Holmes*, Johnny TruantxJodie and Aiden arrive and meet Johnny; the three hole up in a motel.Central Park; East Village
MainMay 12Gus Fring*, Jennifer Strange*xGus arrives, meets Jennifer, and is registered with Romac.Central Park; Romac Base
DreamMay 12Aglet Bottlerack*, Aiden*, Almondine*, Andrew Noble*, Cecil Palmer*, Croach the Tracker*†, Daine Sarrasri, the Doctor (10)*, Edgar Sawtelle*, Gabriel, Gus Fring*, Jennifer Strange*, Jodie Holmes*, Johnny Truant, Lucy Saxon*, Peeta Mellark, Peter Vincentǂ, Seth*, Spike, Sunshine, the TARDIS*, Topher Brink*, Yuri Kostoglodovǂ, Zagreus*xDream party: the dreamers are transported to a house where they are inclined to feel open and trusting. Hosted by Topher.
DreamMay 12Aiden*, Jodie Holmes*, Johnny Truant, Zagreus*xZagreus kidnaps Johnny from the shared dreaming and into his own; Aiden and Jodie rescue him.
ChatMay 13Cecil Palmer*, Gus Fring*xGus contacts Cecil and makes lunch plans.
MainMay 13Cecil Palmer*, Gus Fring*xGus and Cecil meet for pizza and shoptalk.Lower Manhattan
MainMay 15Bruce Banner*, Gavin Thayne*, Peter VincentǂxGavin Thayne arrives, startles Peter and meets BruceCentral Park
MainMay 15Johnny Truant, the TARDIS*xJohnny stumbles somewhat catastrophically across the TARDISThe Ramble
MainMay 15Spike, SunshinexSpike has a run-in with a vampire from Sunshine's universe; Sunshine saves him and they end up at Spike's apartmentRebel apartments
MainMay 16Spike, Sunshine, Yuri KostoglodovǂxYuri investigates last night's dead body; Spike and Sunshine improvise.Rebel apartments
ChatMay 16Spike, SunshinexSpike summons Sunshine to come help with Yuri
MainMay 18Croach the Tracker*, Daine SarrasrixCroach arrives and meets Daine while unwittingly tracking the TARDISTrinity Cemetary moving toward Central Park
MainMay 20Andrew Noble*, Daine SarrasrixAndrew talks to Daine about pregnancy bluesRebel Base
MainMay 20Sandalia de Rabiffano*, Vladimir Dracula*, Yuri KostoglodovǂxDracula arrives, meets Yuri, then BiffyCentral Park, then the nearest cemetary
DreamMay 20Aglet Bottlerack*, Aiden*, Alianne*, Almondine*, Andrew Noble*, Croach the Tracker*, Daine Sarrasri, Dana Cardinal*†, the Doctor (10)*, Edgar Sawtelle*, Gus Fring*, Jodie Holmes*, Johnny Truant, Peeta Mellark, Peter Vincentǂ, Sandalia de Rabiffano*, SunshinexDream party: the dreamers are transported to Jurassic Park.
ChatMay 21Gabriel, Peter Vincentǂ, Seth*xGabriel contacts Peter and Seth for “help with something.”
MainMay 21Andrew Noble*, Daine Sarrasri, Edgar Sawtelle*, Gabriel, Gus Fring*, Johnny Truant, Lucy Saxon*, Peter Vincentǂ, Seth*, the TARDIS*xGabriel's Godzilla illusion goes on a tear across town; Gus ignores it doggedly; Peter and Seth “defeat” it individually; Daine discovers its illusory nature, confronts Gabriel, then tells the TARDIS; separate illusions of Gabriel meet Edgar and Johnnyvarious
MainMay 22Gabriel, Seth*xSeth confronts Gabriel about Godzilla, and Gabriel confronts Seth about drug-dealing and power-stealingHell's Kitchen
DreamMay 23Aiden*, Andrew Noble*, Gabriel, Jodie Holmes*, Johnny Truant, Zagreus*xJodie has a nightmare about her childhood and gets a few visitors.
MainMay 23Aiden*, Jodie Holmes*, Johnny TruantxJodie and Johnny process the dream aftermath... together.East Village
ChatMay 23Gabriel, Johnny TruantxJohnny calls Gabriel to set up a meeting.
ChatMay 23Cecil Palmer*, Dana Cardinal*xDana gets a hold of Cecil from Elsewhere and goes through a door.
MainMay 23Dana Cardinal*, Peeta MellarkxDana arrives, meets Peeta, and sets off in search of Cecil.Metropolitan Museum of Art
ChatMay 23Cecil Palmer*, Dana Cardinal*xDana tells Cecil she's in New York.
MainMay 23Alianne*, Lucy Saxon*xLucy, still unaware of her pregnancy, meets Alianne at a bar.Midtown
MainMay 23Aiden*, Gabriel, Jodie Holmes*, Johnny TruantxGabriel takes Johnny, Jodie and Aiden bowling. Jodie and Aiden back out pretty quickly; Johnny gets drunk and accidentally kissing Gabe.Hell's Kitchen
MainMay 23Aiden*, Jodie Holmes*, Johnny TruantxJohnny returns to the hotel and gets his gay panic all over the place.East Village
DreamMay 24Andrew Noble*, Daine Sarrasri, Gabriel, Ianto Jones*, Johnny Truant, the TARDIS*xAfter a failed attempt to breach the Rift, the TARDIS has a nightmare, pulling in many other dreamers. Gabriel helps her wake up.
MainMay 24Gabriel, the TARDIS*xGabriel checks on the TARDIS after her escape attempt. They come to a bit of a truce.The Ramble
MainMay 24Gabriel, Lucy Saxon*, Peter VincentǂxLucy discovers she's pregnant, tells Peter a couple times, and drags Gabriel into the mix.Rebel apartments
ChatMay 24Gabriel, Peter VincentǂxLucy texts Gabriel with Peter's phone.
MainMay 24Johnny Truant, Zagreus*xJohnny meets Zagreus in the waking world, barely escapes.Wilmot's End
ChatMay 24Gabriel, Johnny TruantxJohnny takes Gabe up on his apartment offer.
MainMay 28Johnny Truant, Lucy Saxon*xPost-abortion, Lucy meets Johnny at a bar and takes him home for a little fun. Mild smut.Some bar somewhere; Rebel apartments
MainMay 29Gabriel, Johnny Truant, Lucy Saxon*, Peter VincentǂxPeter discovers Johnny in Lucy's bed and flips out, causing Lucy to panic and call Gabriel.Rebel apartments; Hell's Kitchen
MainMay 29Charley Pollard*, the Doctor (10)*xCharley arrives and meets a new Doctor.Central Park
MainMay 29The Doctor (10)*, the TARDIS*xThe Doctor and the TARDIS butt proverbial heads over Charley's arrival.The Ramble
MainMay 30Gabriel, Peter VincentǂxGabriel gives Peter a talking-to after the latest fiasco with Lucy.Rebel apartments, also a toy store
DreamMay 31Aglet Bottlerack*, Aiden*, Alianne*, Almondine*, Andrew Noble*, Charley Pollard*, Daine Sarrasri, Dana Cardinal*, Edgar Sawtelle*, Gabriel, Gus Fring*, Jennifer Strange*, Jodie Holmes*, Johnny Truant, Julian Bashir*†, Peeta Mellark, Peter Vincentǂ, Sandalia de Rabiffano*, Spike, Sunshine, the TARDIS*, Yuri Kostoglodovǂ, Zagreus*xDream party: the dreamers are transported to the Oxford of a universe where their souls are expressed in external animal form, as dæmons.
DreamJun 2Charley Pollard*, Johnny Truant, SunshinexCharley has a nightmare, which Johnny makes temporarily worse, and into which Sunshine brings a bakery.
MainJun 2Spike, SunshinexSunshine tries to get home, but winds up in Spike's bed instead.Rebel apartments
MainJun 3Daine Sarrasri, Johnny Truant, the TARDIS*xDaine takes the TARDIS for a mental ride in bird form; they run into Johnny.Central Park
MainJun 4Gabriel, Johnny TruantxJohnny discovers his Rift-power, panics and busts into Gabe's apartment. Eventual (very minor) smut.Hell's Kitchen
MainJun 5 - ?Gavin Thayne*, Jennifer Strange*, Johnny Truant, Peter Vincentǂ, Vladimir Dracula*xDracula meets all kinds of characters on the job.Wilmot's End
MainJun 6Aiden*, Jodie Holmes*, Johnny TruantxJohnny invites Jodie and Aiden over and shows them his power.Hell's Kitchen
DreamJun 7Johnny Truant, the TARDIS*xThe TARDIS visits Johnny in a dream and soothes some of his agitation.
MainJun 7Gabriel, Johnny TruantxGabriel takes Johnny shopping and they make out a lot.various
DreamJun 8Johnny Truant, Topher Brink*xJohnny meets Topher in a dream. Topher tells him some unsavory truths about Gabriel.
MainJun 8Aiden*, Andrew Noble*, Jodie Holmes*xJodie and Aiden inadvertantly save Andrew's life; they remember seeing each other in Jodie's dream, and he invites them over for dinner.near Muhlenberg Library
MainJun 8The Doctor (8)*, the Doctor (10)*, Johnny TruantxJohnny gets into an elevator with one Doctor, who promptly vanishes, only to be replaced by another Doctor.Union Square
DreamJun 9Aglet Bottlerack*, Aiden*, Andrew Noble*, Bruce Banner/the Hulk*, Daine Sarrasri, the Doctor (8)*, Gabriel, James Wood*, Jennifer Strange*, Jodie Holmes*, Johnny Truant, Peeta Mellark, Peter Vincentǂ, Spike, Sunshine, Vladimir Dracula*, Yuri KostoglodovǂxDream party: the dreamers are transported to the Quarter Quell where they get to enjoy all the resplendent dangers of the Hunger Games.
MainJun 9Daine Sarrasri, Peeta MellarkxDaine breaks into Peeta's room to wake him up from the arena dream.Rebel Base
MainJun 9Gabriel, Johnny TruantxJohnny visits Gabriel after the arena dream for some decompression and cuddling.Hell's Kitchen
DreamJun 10Aglet Bottlerack*, Sunshine, Topher Brink*xSunshine has a dream about home and has some guests.
ChatJun 10Johnny Truant, Zagreus*xZagreus pesters Johnny.
DreamJun 12, 13, 29Andrew Noble*, Jennifer Strange*, Johnny Truant, Seth*xSeth has a recurring dream about being imprisoned by the Rebels; Andrew is alarmed by what he finds out; Jennifer helps Seth escape; Johnny makes it worse.
ChatJun 13Andrew Noble*, Charley Pollard*, Daine Sarrasri, Johnny TruantxCharley sends an open message asking after the Doctor. She gets a lot of responses but no (valid) leads.
MainJun 13Charley Pollard*, Johnny TruantxJohnny meets with Charley and tells her what he think has happened to the Doctor.Chinatown
ChatJun 13Johnny Truant, Zagreus*xJohnny lures Zagreus to Wilmot's End.
MainJun 13Charley Pollard*, Johnny Truant, Zagreus*xJohnny and Charley ambush Zagreus, sort of, only to determine that he had nothing to do with the Doctor's disappearance.Wilmot's End
ChatJun 13The TARDIS*, Zagreus*xZagreus complains about Charley to the TARDIS, who so does not care.
ChatJun 14 onwardSunshine, Topher Brink*xTopher sends for treats via courier. Sunshine is unimpressed.
MainJun 16Alianne*, Cecil Palmer*, Croach the Tracker*, Daine Sarrasri, Peeta Mellark, SunshinexCroach explores Manhattan, offering assistance to whomever needs it.various
MainJun 17Andrew Noble*, James Wood*xAndrew and James go to a pregnancy check-up.Clinic at Broadway & E 11th St
MainJun 17Daine Sarrasri, Gabriel, Johnny TruantxDaine visits Scout and gets a bonus Johnny. She tells him the truth about Godzilla.Hell's Kitchen
MainJun 18Croach the Tracker*, SunshinexSunshine interrupts a robbery and is subsequently defended by Croach.Upper East Side
MainJun 18Alianne*, Edgar Sawtelle*xAlianne meets Edgar while walking cats.Central Park
MainJun 20Croach the Tracker*, Dana Cardinal*, Gabriel, Gus Fring*xGus takes sketch requests in the park.Central Park
ChatJun 20Charley Pollard*, Johnny TruantxCharley informs Johnny that she's going into Romac in hopes of rescuing the Doctor. Johnny fails to get back to her in a timely fashion.
MainJun 20Charley Pollard*, the Doctor (8)*xCharley breaks into Romac looking for the Doctor, where she is promptly captured and imprisoned alongside the Doctor.Romac Base
DreamJun 21Aglet Bottlerack*, Aiden*, Andrew Noble*, Aziraphaleǂ†, Croach the Tracker*, Crowleyǂ†, Daine Sarrasri, Dana Cardinal*, Gabriel, Gus Fring*, Ianto Jones*, Jennifer Strange*, Jodie Holmes*, Johnny Truant, Peeta Mellark, Spike, Sunshine, the TARDIS*, Topher Brink*, Zagreus*xDream party: the dreamers are transported to a tranquil ocean under a starry sky, each with their own boats and supplies.
ChatJun 21Gabriel, Johnny Truant, the TARDIS*xJohnny asks for help rescuing Charley and the Doctor from Romac.
MainJun 21Charley Pollard*, the Doctor (8)*, Johnny TruantxJohnny takes it upon himself to rescue Charley and the Doctor.Hell's Kitchen, Romac Base, Grand Central, Chinatown
MainJun 21The Doctor (8)*, the TARDIS*xThe Doctor reunites with the TARDIS.The Ramble
MainJun 21Gabriel, Johnny TruantxJohnny confronts Gabriel about Romac and a few other things.Hell's Kitchen
ChatJun 21Aiden*, Jodie Holmes*, Johnny TruantxJohnny asks Jodie if he can crash at her place.
MainJun 22Charley Pollard*, Johnny TruantxCharley and Johnny go on their first date.Chinatown, Murray Hill
MainJun 23Gabriel, Johnny Truant, the TARDIS*xGabriel forces his way back through the rift, hoping it will kill him. Johnny discovers he's gone and is not sure what to think. The TARDIS feels a spike in Rift activity, but doesn't connect it to Gabriel.Bethesda Terrace, Hell's Kitchen, The Ramble
MainJun 23Beeǂ, Daine Sarrasri, Dana Cardinal*xBee arrives, meets Dana and Daine and asks lots of question.Central Park
ChatJun 23Daine Sarrasri, Johnny TruantxJohnny asks Daine to come talk to Scout.
MainJun 23Daine Sarrasri, Johnny TruantxDaine and Johnny deal with Scout in the aftermath of Gabe's disappearance.Johnny's apartment
ChatJun 23Johnny Truant, the TARDIS*xJohnny asks the TARDIS if she's seen Gabriel, which she hasn't.
DreamJun 24Johnny Truant, the TARDIS*, Zagreus*xJohnny has another bad dream. Zagreus comes by to help. [Planned: The TARDIS comes by to help, but really.]
MainJun 25Eliot Waugh, Johnny TruantxAn intoxicated Eliot completely fails to notice he's passed through the rift. He meets an equally intoxicated Johnny in a bar and they hook up. Contains smut. Bethesda Terrace, Upper West Side, Hell's Kitchen
MainJun 26Eliot Waugh, SunshinexA hungover Eliot makes his way home from Johnny's place only to discover his home is not his anymore. Tracing his steps back to the park, he meets Sunshine and learns about the rift.SoHo, Central Park, Bethesda Terrace
MainJun 26Beeǂ, Daine Sarrasri xBee finds an abandoned pet rabbit and brings it to Daine.Central Park, Rebel Base
MainJun 28-30n/axPower Revocation event post: convenient rift-granted powers will be revoked for a randomly chosen twelve hour period at the rift's discretion.All of Manhattan
DreamJun 28Gus Fring*, Peeta Mellark, Peter Vincentǂ, Sunshine, Topher Brink*x[Planned: Power Revocation: Topher has a series of nightmares he can't manipulate, into which others are drawn.]
MainJun 28Daine Sarrasri, Peeta MellarkxPlagued by recurring nightmares about Daine's death in the Quarter Quell dream, Peeta decides to accompany Daine on a walk through the park.Rebel Base, Central Park
MainJun 28Johnny Traunt, Seth*xPower Revocation: Seth and Johnny meet for the first time, both lose their powers, and become locked out of their apartments. They spend the night getting to know each other.Hell's Kitchen
ChatJun 29Spike, SunshinexPower Revocation: Spike sends Sunshine a garbled, panicked message.
MainJun 29Spike, SunshinexPower Revocation: Sunshine finds Spike in the park, without his ability to cope with sunlight and needing her help.Central Park
ChatJun 29Peter Vincentǂ, Seth*xSeth asks Peter if he's seen Gabriel.
MainJun 29Johnny Truant, Peter Vincentǂ, Seth*xPower Revocation: Peter comes to Gabriel's apartment to see for himself that he's missing; Seth comes up, then Johnny. It's awkward.Gabriel's apartment
ChatJun 29Charley Pollard*, Johnny TruantxCharley calls Johnny to follow up on their previous date.
MainJun 29Charley Pollard*, Johnny TruantxJohnny meets Charley at her flat and things get nsfw.Chinatown
ChatJun 29The TARDIS*, Zagreus*xZagreus texts the TARDIS pictures of fortune cookie fortunes, just to be a butt.
MainJun 30Alianne*, Rashad DurantxRashad arrives in a state, and promptly kills an NPC. Aly stumbles across him and a game of wits ensues.Central Park
ChatJun 30Alianne*xAly sends her Darking to Daine with a message about Rashad.
MainJun 30Dana Cardinal*, Gabriel, the TARDIS*xThe Rift spits Gabriel back out, beat up and wings visible. His angelic nature is made immediately public. Dana finds him and the TARDIS is quick to arrive as well. They take him to the TARDIS' physical form.Bethesda Terrace, The Ramble
ChatJun 30Gabriel, Johnny TruantxJohnny contacts Gabriel after seeing him on the news.
ChatJun 30Johnny Truant, Seth*xJohnny contacts Seth regarding the news of Gabriel's return.
ChatJun 30Gabriel, Peter Vincentǂ, Seth*xGabriel lets Peter and Seth know he's all right.
MainJun 30Peeta Mellark, SunshinexPeeta comes by for a prearranged baking session, while Sunshine is recovering from her night with Spike.Rebel apartments
MainJul 1Beeǂ, Lucy Saxon*, Peter Vincentǂ, Spike, SunshinexBee gets approved to keep bees on the roof of the Rebel apartments, goes door to door letting everyone know, and makes a few new friends.Rebel apartments
MainJul 2Crowleyǂ, Gus Fring*xCrowley arrives drunk and hassled. Gus finds him and immediately recruits him for Romac.Central Park
MainJul 2Aziraphaleǂ, Daine SarrasrixThe rift drops Aziraphale in the lake. Daine fishes him out and recruits him for the Rebels.Bethesda Terrace, The Ramble
MainJul 2Sunshine, Topher Brink*xTopher ventures out for a change and visits Sunshine at her bakery.1st and 87th, Carl Schurz Park
MainJul 2-3Crowleyǂ, Johnny Truant, Rashad DurantxRashad explores the city, trying to learn and fit in, and meeting various rifties along the way.various
DreamJul 3Aglet Bottlerack*, Aiden*, Andrew Noble*, Aziraphaleǂ, Beeǂ, Cecil Palmer*, Croach the Tracker*, Daine Sarrasri, Dana Cardinal*, the Doctor (8)*, Edgar Sawtelle*, Gabriel, Gus Fring*, Ianto Jones*, Jennifer Strange*, Jodie Holmes*, Johnny Truant, Lucy Saxon*, Peter Vincentǂ, Rashad Durant, Sunshine, the TARDIS*, Zagreus*xDream party: the dreamers are transported to a pair of quantum entangled houses, one of which is safe and pleasant, the other of which is not. They move continuously between the two each time they pass over a threshold.
MainJul 3Aziraphaleǂ, Crowleyǂ, SunshinexAziraphale visits Sunshine at her bake shop, expands it into a full sit-down establishment, and is reunited with Crowley.Glaser's Bake Shop
MainJul 3Aziraphaleǂ, CrowleyǂxAziraphale takes Crowley to see his new book shop, and they catch up.Aziraphale's book shop
MainJul 3Andrew Noble*, the TARDIS*xAndrew visits the TARDIS in the hopes of getting caught up with what's been happening.The Ramble
MainJul 3Aglet Bottlerack*, Beeǂ, Jennifer Strange*xBee goes out for a walk in the rain and has a chance encounter with Jennifer and the Quarkbeast. Jennifer takes her home so Bee can reunite with Aglet.Central Park, Romac apartments
ChatJul 3Aiden*, Jodie Holmes*, Johnny TruantxJohnny texts Jodie randomly while at lunch with Rashad, then tells her all about what a weirdo he is.
ChatJul 4Andrew Noble*, Beeǂ, the Doctor (8)*xBee sends texts to everyone she knows inviting people to come hang out with her and her new bees.
MainJul 4Andrew Noble*, Beeǂ, Daine Sarrasri, the Doctor (8)*, Peeta Mellark, SpikexBee and Daine set up beehives on the roof of the Rebel apartments. Bee stays up all day with periodic company.Rebel apartments
MainJul 4Johnny Truant, Seth*xUnable to wait any longer to see Gabriel, Johnny asks Seth to take his power away so he can visit the TARDIS.Hell's Kitchen
MainJul 4Gabriel, Johnny Truant, the TARDIS*xNow power-free, Johnny takes Scout to the TARDIS. [Planned: he and Gabriel reunite, and the three of them spend some quality time together.]The Ramble
ChatJul 4Aiden*, Croach the Tracker*, Johnny Truant, SunshinexCroach sends increasingly drunk texts to everyone via Dracula's phone, arousing varied curiosity.
MainJul 4Croach the Tracker*, Crowleyǂ, SunshinexConfused by July 4th celebrations, Croach finds his way to Wilmot's End and gets intoxicated.Wilmot's End
MainJul 4Johnny Truant, Seth*xJohnny returns home only to find that Seth has been overwhelmed by the power and has rearranged the interior of Gabriel's building past recognition. Johnny finds him and takes the power back, resetting everything and saving them both.Hell's Kitchen
DreamJul 5Aglet Bottlerack*, Aiden*, Andrew Noble*, Aziraphaleǂ, Beeǂ, Charley Pollard*, Daine Sarrasri, Dana Cardinal*, the Doctor (8)*, Eliot Waugh, Gabriel, Gus Fring*, Jodie Holmes*, Johnny Truant, Lucy Saxon*, Peter Vincentǂ, Rashad Durant, Seth*, Spike, Sunshine, the TARDIS*, Topher Brink*xDream party: the dreamers are brought to a beautiful fjord in the forms of various mythological hybrid creatures.
MainJul 5Aziraphaleǂ, Beeǂ, Spike, SunshinexBee drags Spike to Sunshine's bakery in an effort to get them talking again. It doesn't go well. Spike and Sunshine spend the rest of the day trying to avoid each other, and fail repeatedly.various
MainJul 5Johnny Truant, Seth*xJohnny checks on Seth and tells him some about where Gabriel's been.Hell's Kitchen
MainJul 6Gabriel, Johnny Truant, Seth*xFinally healed enough to leave the TARDIS, Gabriel comes home. Johnny helps him with wingcare, they check on Seth, and then spend some long overdue time together.Hell's Kitchen
ChatJul 6Beeǂ, SpikexSpike texts Bee asking for date advice.
MainJul 6Aziraphaleǂ, Spike, SunshinexSpike and Aziraphale run into each other at Wilmot's, get totally obliterated and talk way too much about their respective relationship dramas, then end up going to bother Sunshine.Wilmot's End, Rebel apartments
ChatJul 6Spike, SunshinexSpike starts drunktexting Sunshine during his outing with Aziraphale.
MainJul 7Gabriel, Seth*xGabriel returns to check on Seth and makes him pancakes.Hell's Kitchen
MainJul 7Aziraphaleǂ, Eliot WaughxWhile in the midst of re-asserting his magic with new universal rules, Eliot comes upon Aziraphale and wants to know what the heck he is.East Village, New York Public Library
MainJul 8Crowleyǂ, SpikexSpike decides to break into the Museum of Natural History to see if his old digs are still there; Crowley stumbles across him and decides to help out.Museum of Natural History
ChatJul 9Daine Sarrasri, Johnny TruantxJohnny texts Daine hoping to adopt a rabbit, and they agree to meet.
MainJul 9Daine Sarrasri, Johnny TruantxJohnny meets Daine and Yarrow the bunny.Central Park
ChatJul 9Gabriel, Peter VincentǂxGabriel texts Peter and demands he come over and get crunk.
MainJul 9Gabriel, Johnny Truant Peter VincentǂxGabriel and Peter get crunk. Johnny shows up eventually, with a rabbit.Hell's Kitchen
MainJul 11Aziraphaleǂ, Crowleyǂ, Gabriel, Rashad DurantxAziraphale and Crowley attempt to bum around the book shop, but two consecutive angel intrusions make things difficult.Aziraphale's book shop
DreamJul 12Andrew Noble*, Daine SarrasrixAndrew dreams he's given birth... to kittens! Daine is enlisted to help him find them.
MainJul 12Gus Fring*, Lucy Saxon*, SpikexLucy hangs out at Wilmot's End. Gus finds her and gently tilts her over to the dark side.Wilmot's End
MainJul 12Gabriel, Johnny TruantxGabriel decides it's time to do something nice for Johnny, which is put on a suit and take him to a movie.Hell's Kitchen; Bryant Park
DreamJul 13Aglet Bottlerack*, Aiden*, Andrew Noble*, Aziraphaleǂ, Beeǂ, Charley Pollard*, Crowleyǂ, Daine Sarrasri, Eliot Waugh, Jennifer Strange*, Jodie Holmes*, Johnny Truant, Lucy Saxon*, Peeta Mellark, Peter Vincentǂ, Rashad Durant, Seth*, Spike, SunshinexDream party: the dreamers are transported to a high school dance, and are given with raging adolescent hormones to match.
MainJul 13Daniel Jackson*, Lucy Saxon*xDaniel Jackson arrives and is met by Lucy.Bethesda Terrace
MainJul 14Aziraphaleǂ, Crowleyǂ, Daine Sarrasri, the Doctor (8)*, Edgar Sawtelle*, Gabriel, Johnny Truant, Lucifer, Peeta Mellark, Spike, SunshinexLucifer arrives and wreaks absolute havoc.various
MainJul 14Lucifer, Spike, SunshinexLucifer's Arrival: Spike tries to fight Lucifer and gets a fist through his chest. Sunshine struggles to help him.Bethesda Terrace
MainJul 14The Doctor (8)*, LuciferxLucifer's Arrival: The Doctor attempts to steal Lucifer's attention from killing people by putting himself in the line of fire.Bethesda Terrace
MainJul 14Aziraphaleǂ, Daine SarrasrixLucifer's Arrival: Daine and Aziraphale rush to the park; he tells her to work with the People to drive as many bystanders away as possible.Bethesda Terrace
MainJul 14Daine Sarrasri, Edgar Sawtelle*, Lucifer, Peeta MellarkxLucifer's Arrival: Peeta finds Daine, wanting to help; Edgar and Almondine are caught in Lucifer's path and murdered. Peeta keeps Daine from intervening; her rage and grief cause all the animals on the island to freak out.Bethesda Terrace
MainJul 14Aziraphaleǂ, Crowleyǂ, LuciferxLucifer's Arrival: Crowley senses Lucifer's arrival and rushes to the park. He is met by Aziraphale, and shortly confronted by Lucifer. Lucifer attempts to use Crowley as a minion, and Aziraphale decides to fight him.Bethesda Terrace
ChatJul 14Gabriel, the TARDIS*xLucifer's Arrival: the TARDIS prays to Gabriel to warn him about Lucifer's arrival.
MainJul 14Gabriel, Johnny Truant, LuciferxLucifer's Arrival: Lucifer drops in on Gabe and Johnny for a family reunion.Hell's Kitchen
ChatJul 14Andrew Noble*xAndrew texts Daine frantically asking why the animals are all freaking out, and gets no response.
ChatJul 14Andrew Noble*, the Doctor (8)*, the TARDIS*xAndrew sends a public text asking after Daine, gets vaguely unhelpful responses from the Doctor and the TARDIS.
MainJul 14Aziraphaleǂ, CrowleyǂxCrowley looks after Aziraphale after his fight with Lucifer.Romac apartments
ChatJul 14Eliot Waugh, Gabriel, Peter Vincentǂ, SunshinexGabriel texts everyone the sigil needed to keep Lucifer out.
MainJul 15Aziraphaleǂ, Daine SarrasrixAziraphale goes to check on Daine and attempt to reassure her after Edgar and Almondine's deaths.Rebel Base
MainJul 16Beeǂ, Peeta MellarkxWhile steering clear of Daine, Peeta watches the sun rise atop the roof of the Rebel apartments. Bee comes across him and he explains what's happened.Rebel apartments
MainJul 16Aiden*, Iman Asadi, Jodie Holmes*xIman arrives, so proud of herself, and is quickly disappointed when Jodie explains what's up.Central Park
MainJul 16Aziraphaleǂ, Beeǂ, Crowleyǂ, Daniel Jackson*, Gabriel, Lucy Saxon*, Peeta Mellark, Peter Vincentǂ, SunshinexSunshine starts warding the crap out of the Rebel apartment building, drawing attention from various others as she goes.Rebel apartments
MainJul 16Daniel Jackson*, Iman Asadi, Peter VincentǂxDaniel gets lost in the park, pisses off Peter, and becomes Iman's adoptee drinking buddy.Central Park
ChatJul 16Gabriel, LuciferxLucifer whines telepathically at Gabriel.
MainJul 16Daniel Jackson*, Iman Asadi, LuciferxIman drags Daniel to Wilmot's, where they meet Literally Satan, who has been drinking bars out of liquor for hours. Daniel is appropriately freaked out. Iman is not impressed. Lucifer just wants to drink.Wilmot's End
ChatJul 16Daniel Jackson*, Iman AsadixIman drunk-texts Daniel to keep him updated on drinking with Satan.
MainJul 17Daine Sarrasri, Peeta MellarkxDaine and Peeta encounter one another for the first time after Lucifer and finally hug it out.Rebel Base
ChatJul 18Daniel Jackson*, Seth*xDaniel contacts Seth for information on Rift powers, and they agree to meet.
MainJul 18Daniel Jackson*, Seth*xDaniel and Seth meet up, discuss powers, and are way too cute. Seth temporarily takes Daniel's power to try it a few days.Wilmot's End
DreamJul 20Aglet Bottlerack*, Aiden*, Alianne*, Andrew Noble*, Aziraphaleǂ, Beeǂ, Crowleyǂ, Daine Sarrasri, Dana Cardinal*, Daniel Jackson*, Desire†, the Doctor (12)*†, Eliot Waugh, Gabriel, Iman Asadi, Jodie Holmes*, Johnny Truant, Lucifer, Peter Vincentǂ, Rashad Durant, Seth*, Sunshine, the TARDIS*, Zagreus*xDream Party: The dreamers are transported to a sprawling underwater city.
ChatJul 20Daniel Jackson*, Seth*xSeth texts Daniel immediately upon waking from the shared dream and they agree to meet up later.
MainJul 20Daniel Jackson*, Seth*xDaniel and Seth reconvene to process their horrible shared nighmare experience. Seth returns Daniel's power, then takes him on a tour of Manhattan.49th and 8th
MainJul 21Eliot Waugh, Johnny Truant, Spike, SunshinexEliot hosts brunch at his new digs with his only two friends so far. Things get weird, then weird and hilarious.East Village
ChatJul 21Spike, SunshinexSunshine begins drunkenly texting Spike about all the stuff Eliot is telling her about his life as seen on TV, much to his increasing panic.
MainJul 21Spike, SunshinexSunshine wakes up with a hangover after brunch and confronts Spike about his unsavory life details.Rebel apartments
MainJul 21Eliot Waugh, Johnny TruantxEliot wakes up with a hangover after brunch and confronts Johnny about the precise nature of their relationship.East Village
ChatJul 21Daine Sarrasri, Seth*xSeth contacts Daine asking for help getting a pet snake.
MainJul 22Aziraphaleǂ, Crowleyǂ, LuciferxLucifer drops in on Crowley to talk business.Romac apartments
MainJul 22Aziraphaleǂ, Gabriel, SunshinexAziraphale passes out in the bookshop after being beaten/tortured by Lucifer and is discovered by Sunshine.Aziraphale's bookshop
ChatJul 22Gabriel, SunshinexSunshine calls Gabriel asking him to help Aziraphale.
MainJul 23Aziraphaleǂ, CrowleyǂxCrowley visits Aziraphale to drink and decompress after their latest brush with Lucifer.Aziraphale's bookshop
MainJul 23Gabriel, Johnny TruantxJohnny tattoos Gabriel with protective sigil of his own design; Gabriel discovers that some of his original powers are returning.Hell's Kitchen
DreamJul 24Aziraphaleǂ, Dana Cardinal*, Daniel Jackson*, MelanieǂxMelanie dreams during her stay in a ROMAC holding cell. Aziraphale meets her and decides to rescue her.
ChatJul 24Aziraphaleǂ, CrowleyǂxAziraphale asks Crowley to snoop around for information on Melanie.
ChatJul 24Aziraphaleǂ, CrowleyǂxCrowley gets back to Aziraphale with the Melanie info, and Aziraphale makes a rash decision, much to Crowley's text-spamming chagrin.
MainJul 24Aziraphaleǂ, Crowleyǂ, MelanieǂxAziraphale rescues, and then essentially adopts, Melanie. Crowley shows up and they bicker for a while and it's all very familial.Romac Base, Rebel apartments
DreamJul 25Daniel Jackson*, Seth*xDaniel finds himself playing the part of a captor in one of Seth's nightmares about his imprisonment.
MainJul 25Charley Pollard*, Jane Eyre*xJane arrives and is overwhelmed with new bewildering stimulus.Bethesda Terrace
MainJul 25Crowleyǂ, Dana Cardinal*xCrowley decides to get himself some new plants and meets Dana at her second job.W 28th St
MainJul 25-26Daniel Jackson*, Gabriel, Seth*xSeth and Daniel meet up to get to know each other better outside the Dreaming. Daniel ends up spending the night; Gabriel brings breakfast.Hell's Kitchen
DreamJul 26Daniel Jackson*, Peter Vincentǂ, Seth*xSeth*, Peter, and Daniel dream that they are all chained together.
MainJul 26Aziraphaleǂ, Beeǂ, Daniel Jackson*, MelanieǂxIn an attempt to visit Aziraphale, Bee winds up meeting Melanie.Rebel apartments
ChatJul 27Andrew Noble*, Daine SarrasrixAndrew subverts the Romac phone bug to ask Daine to meet up.
MainJul 27Andrew Noble*, Daine SarrasrixAndrew meets up with Daine to discuss his recent life changes.Wilmot's End
DreamJul 28Alianne*, Aziraphaleǂ, Beeǂ, Calliope*†, Charley Pollard*, Crowleyǂ, Daine Sarrasri, Dana Cardinal*, Daniel Jackson*, Desire†, the Doctor (8)*, the Doctor (12)*†, Gabriel, Illyria*†, Iman Asadi, Jane Eyre*, Johnny Truant, Julian Bashir*†, Lucifer, Lucy Saxon*, Melanieǂ, Nicholas Rush*†, Peeta Mellark, Peter Vincentǂ, Seth*, Spike, Sunshine, Topher Brink*, Zagreus*xDream party: the dreamers are transported to a dark and spooky forest, where they are overcome with fear of nonexistant threats—but at least they are reuninted with their dæmons.
MainJul 28Aziraphaleǂ, MelanieǂxAziraphale and Melanie wake up and reconnect after the shared dream, and express some feelings.Rebel apartments
MainJul 29Daniel Jackson*, Lucy Saxon*xAfter moving from the Rebels to Romac, Lucy returns to her apartment to check in with Daniel.Rebel apartments
MainJul 29Eliot Waugh, Gabriel, Johnny TruantxJohnny invites Eliot to meet Gabriel. It doesn't go well.Hell's Kitchen
DreamJul 30Daniel Jackson*, Seth*xDaniel and Seth meet each other in a dream again, under rather unusual circumstances.
MainJul 30Daine Sarrasri, Dana Cardinal*, Iman Asadi, Jane Eyre*, Johnny Truant, Spike, SunshinexThree Days of Rain event post: A peculiar rain falls over Manhattan; any rifties caught in it will begin to fade from noticeability over the course of three days.various
MainJul 30Aziraphaleǂ, Illyria*xThree Days of Rain: Illyria arrives and is disgruntled; Aziraphale is equally disgruntled to find her.Bethesda Terrace
MainJul 30 - Aug 1Gabriel, Johnny Truantx Three Days of Rain: Johnny fades out gradually and stays in Gabe's apartment so they can keep track of him.Hell's Kitchen
MainJul 30 - Aug 1Aziraphaleǂ, Crowleyǂ, MelanieǂxThree Days of Rain: Aziraphale starts fading out much to Melanie's distress.Rebel apartments
MainJul 31Iman Asadi, Rashad DurantxThree Days of Rain: Rashad drifts ghostlike through Romac feasting and spying. Iman has the same idea, about the spying anyway.Romac Base
MainJul 31Daine Sarrasri, Illyria*, Jane Eyre*xThree Days of Rain: Daine hangs out in the park in lion shape, noticeable only to fellow victims of the rain.Central Park
MainJul 31Lucy Saxon*, Peter VincentǂxThree Days of Rain: Peter grows increasingly frustrated with being evidently invisible to everyone around him.Madison & 96th
MainJul 31Spike, SunshinexThree Days of Rain: Spike visits Sunshine, who can only barely keep track of him due to her affinity.Rebel apartments
MainJul 31Dana Cardinal*, Daniel Jackson*, Seth*xThree Days of Rain: Seth tries to meet up with Daniel, but things go poorly when he starts to fade out. Later, he meets Dana, who helps him cheer up a little.Central Park, Rebel apartments
ChatJul 31Daniel Jackson*, Seth*xThree Days of Rian: Seth attempts to contact Daniel without any success.
MainJul 31Aziraphaleǂ, Illyria*xThree Days of Rain: A frustrated Illyria tries to force her way through the barrier surrounding Manhattan, forcing an equally frustrated Aziraphale to go out and stop her.Brooklyn Bridge
ChatJul 31Crowleyǂ, MelanieǂxThree Days of Rain: Melanie prays desperately for Aziraphale, who is unable to reply. Eventually she tries Crowley instead.
MainAug 1Daine Sarrasri, Peeta MellarkxThree Days of Rain: Peeta finds Daine in the park and they decide to make the most of their shared invisibility.Central Park
MainAug 1Daniel Jackson*, Seth*xThree Days of Rain: Seth and Daniel meet up again once the rain effects have been reversed.Hell's Kitchen
MainAug 2Daine Sarrasri, the Doctor (12)*, the TARDIS*xA new Doctor arrives and gets right into the swing of things.The Ramble
MainAug 2Castor Nubari*, Daniel Jackson*xCastor arrives and is met by Daniel.Central Park
MainAug 3Calliope*, Iman Asadi, the Doctor (12)*xCalliope arrives and Iman swoops in on her like an extremely helpful hawk. They meet up with the Doctor, who is even more swoopy and helpful, though more of an owl than a hawk.Bethesda Terrace, the Ramble
MainAug 3Calliope*, the Doctor (12)*xA happy, sleep-deprived Calliope runs wild in her new home.The TARDIS
MainAug 3Aziraphaleǂ, Illyria*, MelanieǂxAziraphale and Illyria hang out awkwardly in the book shop until Aziraphale falls asleep against his will. Upon waking, he rushes home to see Melanie.Aziraphale's bookshop; Rebel apartments
DreamAug 3Aziraphaleǂ, Lucifer, MelanieǂxAziraphale has a nightmare about Lucifer. Melanie witnesses part of it and tries to save him.
ChatAug 3Aziraphaleǂ, GabrielxAziraphale asks Gabriel if he wants to get drinks and pancakes. Gabriel teaches him what a 'boytoy' is.
MainAug 3Aziraphaleǂ, GabrielxAziraphale and Gabriel spend some time in a diner so Aziraphale can decompress after his eventful night.Hell's Kitchen
ChatAug 4Aziraphaleǂ, CrowleyǂxAziraphale texts Crowley asking to meet in the Park.
MainAug 4Aziraphaleǂ, CrowleyǂxAziraphale tells Crowley that he's had to ward his flat against him, and then they have a really weird tryst.The Ramble
MainAug 4Aziraphaleǂ, Crowleyǂ, Illyria*xAziraphale finally gets Illyria a place to stay, as well as a phone, which somehow leads to a violent throwdown. Crowley intervenes.Midtown
ChatAug 4Andrew Noble*, Aziraphaleǂ, Calliope*, Crowleyǂ, Illyria*, Spike, Zagreus*xIllyria spams the network with her new phone and abysmal texting skills.
MainAug 4Calliope*, the Doctor (12)*xThe Doctor decides to take Calliope out to see the world, and maybe a movie.various
ChatAug 4Calliope*, the Doctor (12)*xCalliope practices texting with the Doctor.
MainAug 4Daniel Jackson*, SpikexA very grumpy Spike goes on a quest to get blood and runs into Daniel on his way back.Chinatown, Rebel apartments
MainAug 4Iman Asadi, LuciferxLucifer drops in on Iman to discuss the Rift.Greenwich Village
DreamAug 5Andrew Noble*, Aziraphaleǂ, Crowleyǂ, Daine Sarrasri, Daniel Jackson*, Gabriel, Illyria*, Johnny Truant, Lucifer, Peeta Mellark, Seth*, SunshinexDream party: the dreamers are transported to their various homes.
ChatAug 5Daniel Jackson*, Seth*xDaniel contacts Seth in hopes of meeting up so they can discuss their latest horrible shared dream experience.
MainAug 5Daniel Jackson*, Seth*xSeth is a wreck. Daniel tries to explain and patch things up.Hell's Kitchen
ChatAug 5Gabriel, Seth*xSeth warns Gabriel about Lucifer's apparent interest in Daniel.
ChatAug 5Gabriel, the TARDIS*xThe TARDIS invites Gabriel out for a date.
MainAug 5Daniel Jackson*, Eliot Waugh, Iman Asadi, Jay Zimin*, Seth*xJay arrives, and Iman is delighted to notice. She takes him out to drink heavily and he makes a few new friends.West Village
ChatAug 5Daniel Jackson*, Iman AsadixIman drunkenly texts Daniel inviting him to join her and Jay.
DreamAug 5Gabriel, the TARDIS*xThe TARDIS and Gabriel rendezvous for a dream date.
DreamAug 5Aziraphaleǂ, Ianto Jones*, the TARDIS*xIanto dreams of eating pie in a diner. He is visited by the TARDIS and Aziraphale.
MainAug 6Daniel Jackson*, LuciferxLucifer drops in on Daniel to talk morality, much to Daniel's discomfort. Greenwich Village
MainAug 6Beeǂ, Nicholas Rush*xRush arrives and is disgruntled. Bee greets him and ends up pointing him toward Romac.Central Park
MainAug 6Gus Fring*, Iman Asadi, Nicholas Rush*, Rashad DurantxIman and Rush each decide to join Romac in the hopes of infiltrating the science department for their own purposes. A beautiful nerdship is born.Romac Base
MainAug 6Aziraphaleǂ, Jay Zimin*xAziraphale is tasked with escorting new Rebel recruit Jay to the apartments.Rebel Base, Rebel apartments
DreamAug 6Johnny Truant, Peeta Mellark, Spike, SunshinexSent into a regressive fugue state by his gradual blood poisoning, Spike dreams of being back in the 70s, soulless and hungry and hunting everyone he comes across.
ChatAug 7Johnny Truant, Spike, SunshinexSpike sends apology texts to everyone he ate in his nightmare.
MainAug 7Spike, SunshinexSunshine wakes up from Spike's nightmare, not yet realizing that it was really Spike.Rebel apartments
DreamAug 7Nicholas Rush*, Topher Brink*xRush dreams about being back on the Destiny. Topher pops in for a visit.
MainAug 7Calliope*, the Doctor (12)*, Iman Asadi, Nicholas Rush*, the TARDIS*xIman takes Rush to meet the Doctor, and the three of them succeed in annoying the TARDIS so much that she traps them in a punitive time loop.The Ramble
DreamAug 8Gabriel, Johnny Truant, LuciferxLucifer appears to Johnny in the guise of Gabriel and takes him on a dreamdate, hoping to teach him a thing or two about his brother.
MainAug 8Gabriel, Johnny TruantxGabriel comforts Johnny after Lucifer's dream invasion.Hell's Kitchen
ChatAug 8Ianto Jones*, the TARDIS*xIanto obtains a phone and texts the TARDIS from the hospital.
MainAug 8Ianto Jones*, the TARDIS*xThe TARDIS comes to fetch post-coma Ianto from the hospital.nonspecific hospital
DreamAug 9Andrew Noble*, Aziraphaleǂ, Croach the Tracker*, Crowleyǂ, Daine Sarrasri, Daniel Jackson*, Jay Zimin*†, Johnny Truant, Melanieǂ, Nicholas Rush*, Rashad Durant, Seth*, SunshinexCrossover event: Zephyr, an outside force, pulls some of Manhattan's dreamers into its own holiday-themed dreamscape, populated by many non-Rifties.
DreamAug 9Andrew Noble*, Aziraphaleǂ, Daine Sarrasri, Daniel Jackson*, the Doctor (12)*, Greta Baker†, Ianto Jones*, Illyria*, Iman Asadi, Johnny Truant, Melanieǂ, Nicholas Rush*, Peter Vincentǂ, Rashad Durant, Seth*, Sunshine, the TARDIS*xCrossover event: The Rift pulls its dreamers, as well as several of Zephyr's, back and giftwraps them under a giant Christmas tree.
MainAug 9Iman Asadi, LuciferxLucifer drops in on Iman while she's sleeping to discuss the Rift again. Iman is aggressively displeased.Greenwich Village
MainAug 9Jay Zimin*, Nicholas Rush*xRush goes to the clinic and meets Jay.Clinic at Broadway & E 11th St
MainAug 9Andrew Noble*, Greta BakerxGreta arrives, much distressed, and Andrew finds her and has no choice but to take her with him to ROMAC.Central Park
MainAug 9Crowleyǂ, Desire, Zagreus*xDesire arrives and goes for a stroll, meeting a few interesting entities along the way.Times Square
MainAug 9Calliope*, Castor Nubari*, Daine SarrasrixCastor finally goes out to make some land art, and makes a couple of friends.Central Park
DreamAug 10Daniel Jackson*, LuciferxLucifer visits Daniel's dream disguised as a former lover.
MainAug 10The Balladeer, Greta BakerxThe Balladeer arrives, much disgruntled by the sudden lack of audience, and Greta offers her services as welcoming committee.Central Park
ChatAug 10The Balladeer, Greta BakerxThe Balladeer texts Greta with his new phone and they try to figure out autocorrect together.
MainAug 10Castor Nubari*, Julian Bashir*xJulian arrives fresh out of prison camp, and Castor tries to help.Central Park
ChatAug 10Daniel Jackson*, Seth*xSeth asks Daniel to meet him at a hotel, but not for fun reasons.
MainAug 10Daniel Jackson*, Seth*xDaniel meets up with Seth, who is going through morphine withdrawal and needs company and comfort.Lower East Village
ChatAug 10Ianto Jones*, Zagreus*xIanto sends Zagreus an encrypted anonymous vine with a coded message.
ChatAug 10Ianto Jones*, Johnny Truant, Zagreus*xIanto sends the network an encrypted anonymous vine about a latte.
ChatAug 10Johnny Truant, Zagreus*xZagreus texts Johnny and they spar for a while.
MainAug 10Gabriel, Johnny TruantxJohnny and Gabe get drunk together and things get disastrously sentimental.Hell's Kitchen
MainAug 11The Balladeer, Ianto Jones*, Johnny Truant, Nicholas Rush*, SunshinexThe Balladeer roams around singing songs about people he meets.Central Park
ChatAug 11Gabriel, LuciferxGabriel arranges a playdate with Lucifer.
MainAug 11Gabriel, LuciferxGabriel and Lucifer meet up to discuss some boundaries and ground rules.Wilmot's End
DreamAug 12Eliot Waugh, Johnny TruantxJohnny meets Eliot in a dream that quickly becomes a nightmare.
ChatAug 12Eliot Waugh, Johnny TruantxJohnny texts Eliot awake.
MainAug 12Eliot Waugh, Johnny TruantxJohnny comes to Eliot's apartment to console him after the nightmare.East Village
MainAug 12Gus Fring*, Iman Asadi, Nicholas Rush*, Julian Bashir*xJulian is introduced to Iman and Rush as a new member of Romac's science department.Romac Base
DreamAug 13The Balladeer, Greta Baker, Ianto Jones*, Johnny Truant, Nicholas Rush*xGreta dreams of being chased by a giant, and receives several visitors.
MainAug 13Johnny Truant, Tim Wright*xTim arrives and Johnny offers his questionable services.Central Park
ChatAug 14Johnny Truant, Tim Wright*xJohnny checks in on Tim.
DreamAug 15Andrew Noble*, Aziraphaleǂ, the Balladeer, Beeǂ, Calliope*, Castor Nubari*, Crowleyǂ, Daine Sarrasri, Dana Cardinal*, Daniel Jackson*, the Doctor (12)*, Eliot Waugh, Gabriel, Greta Baker, Ianto Jones*, Illyria*, Iman Asadi, Jay Merrick*†, Jay Zimin*, Johnny Truant, Lucifer, Melanieǂ, Nicholas Rush*, Peter Vincentǂ, Rashad Durant, Seth*, Sunshine, the TARDIS*, Tim Wright*xDream party: the dreamers are transported to a cozy cabin, and find themselves feeling unusually cuddly.
MainAug 15Gabriel, Johnny TruantxGabriel confronts Johnny about his odd behavior in the dream party and things take a turn for the worst.Hell's Kitchen
MainAug 15The Balladeer, BeeǂxBee and the Balladeer rendezvous after meeting in the dream party and bond over having powers that make people uncomfortable.Bethesda Terrace
ChatAug 15Daniel Jackson*, Seth*xSeth texts Daniel about an apartment possibility.
MainAug 15Aziraphaleǂ, Illyria*, MelanieǂxAziraphale is disgruntled to learn that Melanie has invited Illyria over. Illyria arrives shortly.Rebel apartments
MainAug 15Daniel Jackson*, Seth*xDaniel and Seth meet up to show Daniel his new apartment.Upper West Side
ChatAug 15Johnny Truant, Tim Wright*xJohnny sends Tim the address of a new hotel, then reveals he'll be staying there too.
MainAug 15Greta Baker, Iman AsadixIman seeks Greta out after the dream party and finds her plagued with 21st century illness.ROMAC Base
DreamAug 16, 20, 24Daine Sarrasri, Johnny Truant, Nicholas Rush*, the TARDIS*xRush has a recurring nightmare. Daine, Johnny, and the TARDIS get variously pulled in.
MainAug 16Daine Sarrasri, Jay Merrick*xJay arrives and Daine helps him get at least partially sorted.Central Park
MainAug 16Gabriel, Seth*xGabriel stops by to tell Seth about Johnny leaving, and discovers Seth's morphine habit as Seth was in the middle of indulging it.Hell's Kitchen
DreamAug 17Jay Merrick*, Tim Wright*xTim and Jay have a nightmare about their shared past; Tim does not realize it's the real Jay, and Jay chooses to keep it that way.
MainAug 17Johnny Truant, Tim Wright*xJohnny checks on Tim and attempts to get to know him a little.hotel, Upper West Side
MainAug 17Greta Baker, Jay Merrick*xJay goes to get groceries, meets Greta, and discovers his Rift power.Upper West Side
ChatAug 17Ianto Jones*, Peter VincentǂxIanto snapchats everyone except the Doctor about an upcoming party at the TARDIS.
MainAug 17Calliope*, Ianto Jones*xIanto settles in for some reading and Calliope comes across him.The TARDIS
ChatAug 18Iman Asadi, Nicholas Rush*xRush texts Iman about some very important 3am science.
ChatAug 18Greta Baker, Iman AsadixGreta invites Iman over and Iman is definitely not flustered at all.
MainAug 18Greta Baker, Iman AsadixGreta gives Iman a homebaked pie in a show of gratitude for her help. Iman has feelings no she doesn't, and invites Greta to a party.ROMAC Base
ChatAug 18The TARDIS*, Zagreus*xZagreus attempts to be helpful.
ChatAug 18Ianto Jones*, the TARDIS*, Zagreus*xZagreus consults the TARDIS on his fortune. Ianto gets involved.
MainAug 19Aziraphaleǂ, Spike, SunshinexSpike enters a near-death state from blood poisoning. Sunshine is tipped off by the Rift cats.Rebel apartments
ChatAug 19Ianto Jones*xIanto sends the network a less oblique invitation to his party at the TARDIS.
MainAug 19The Balladeer, Calliope*, Daine Sarrasri, the Doctor (12)*, Gabriel, Greta Baker, Ianto Jones*, Iman Asadi, Nicholas Rush*, Peter Vincentǂ, Rashad Durant, Seth*, the TARDIS*, Zagreus*xIanto throws a pool party at the TARDIS and (almost) everyone is invited.The TARDIS
ChatAug 19Ianto Jones*, the TARDIS*, Zagreus*xZagreus wants to know how the party is going without him.
ChatAug 19Daniel Jackson*, Seth*xSeth informs Daniel that there is an angry Scotsman named Rush at the party who knows him.
MainAug 19Gabriel, Iman Asadi, LuciferxIman has Gabe over for some post-party fun, then Lucifer drops in and ruins everything.Greenwich Village
DreamAug 20Andrew Noble*, Daniel Jackson*xAndrew dreams about being naked in the park. Daniel helps out.
ChatAug 20Daine Sarrasri, Nicholas Rush*xDaine calls Rush to check on him after his nightmare.
ChatAug 20Daniel Jackson*, Lucy Saxon*xLucy calls Daniel to give him the heads-up that he's about to be evicted.
MainAug 20Daniel Jackson*, Seth*xDaniel crashes at Seth's place while in between apartments.Hell's Kitchen
MainAug 21Daine Sarrasri, Jay Merrick*, Tim Wright*xTim seeks out Daine in the park and discovers Jay has been in Manhattan for several days.Central Park, Rebel apartments
MainAug 21Daniel Jackson*, Julian Bashir*xJulian and Daniel encounter each other while out and about, remembering each other from a shop AU
MainAug 21Gabriel, Peter VincentǂxGabriel helps Peter prepare for his upcoming magic show.Rebel apartments
MainAug 21Iman Asadi, Nicholas Rush*, Rashad DurantxDesperate for energy, Rashad accosts Rush in an effort to get at his heightened emotions. Iman swoops in to save the day, sort of.ROMAC apartments
ChatAug 21Iman Asadi, Nicholas Rush*xRush panic-dials Iman during Rashad's assault, putting her on the alert.
DreamAug 23Asmodia Antarion†, the Balladeer, Beeǂ, Daine Sarrasri, Dana Cardinal*, Daniel Jackson*, Eliot Waugh, Gabriel, Greta Baker, Illyria*, Iman Asadi, Jay Merrick*, Johnny Truant, Melanieǂ, Nicholas Rush*, Peter Vincentǂ, Rashad Durant, Sunshine, Tim Wright*, Yuri KostoglodovǂxDream party: the dreamers find themselves in a house of infinite rooms, plagued by a mysterious infomercial-esque inability to do anything competently.
MainAug 23Beeǂ, Tim Wright*xTim heads to the rifty clinic and meets Bee along the way.on the way to Broadway & E 11th St
MainAug 24Daine Sarrasri, Peeta MellarkxPeeta and Daine go for a nighttime stroll with the dog and finally get around to having a good talk.Rebel Base
MainAug 24Daine Sarrasri, Peeta MellarkxDaine gets Peeta a puppy!Central Park
ChatAug 24Jay Merrick*, Tim Wright*xTim swallows his pride and asks to move in with Jay.
MainAug 24Jay Merrick*, Tim Wright*xTim moves in with Jay, everything is awkward forever.Rebel apartments
MainAug 24The Doctor (12)*, Nicholas Rush*, the TARDIS*xRush pays the TARDIS a visit, and is forced to interact with the Doctor as well.The Ramble
ChatAug 25GabrielxGabriel sends Eliot all his suits in Eliot's size, as well as a portfolio of Johnny's tattoo designs.
ChatAug 25Eliot Waugh, Johnny TruantxEliot asks Johnny what is up with the suits and tells him there's something for him as well.
MainAug 25Eliot Waugh, Johnny TruantxJohnny visits Eliot and ends up telling him some of what happened with Gabriel.East Village
MainAug 27Asmodia Antarion, Aziraphaleǂ, Daine Sarrasri, Daniel Jackson*, the Doctor (12)*, Eliot Waugh, Melanieǂ, Nicholas Rush*, Peeta Mellark, Seth*, SunshinexCurses event post: the rifties are beset with a variety of fairy-tale-style curses which will last until sundown.
ChatAug 27The Balladeer, Daine Sarrasri, Daniel Jackson*, Gabriel, Iman Asadi, Peter Vincentǂ, Rashad Durant, Seth*, Topher Brink*xCurses: Finding himself levitating and Seth turned into a cat, Daniel texts the network asking if anyone else is having a weird morning. It seems everyone is.
ChatAug 27Eliot Waugh, Iman Asadi, SunshinexCurses: Eliot wakes up invisible and texts a couple friends about it. He determines the nature of the situation after realizing Sunshine has forgotten her true love.
MainAug 27Aziraphaleǂ, Melanieǂ, Rashad Durant, SpikexCurses: Aziraphale, who cannot touch anything without turning it into a book, and Spike, who can only speak in verse, attempt to work at the shop. Melanie tags along, having been turned into a book herself.Aziraphale's bookshop, 1st & 87th
ChatAug 27Iman AsadixCurses: Iman's phone, enchanted to tell her secrets, texts Greta various confessions of love and other secrets throughout the day.
MainAug 27Gabriel, Peter VincentǂxCurses: Peter wakes up to discover he is a goose. He later gets stuck to Gabriel's hand.Rebel apartments
MainAug 27Jay Merrick*, Tim Wright*xCurses: Jay wakes up sized down to about four inches. He and Tim go to the Rebel Base in search of answers, but instead find a pair of nose Rift cats, and discover that Tim can only tell the truth.Rebel apartments, Rebel Base
MainAug 27Alex Price*, Daine SarrasrixCurses: Alex arrives and is immediately disgruntled to find that he can only tell the truth. He is met by a Daine who has been brought to life from one of Peeta's drawings.Central Park
MainAug 27Asmodia Antarion, the Balladeer, Daine SarrasrixCurses: Asmodia arrives and finds that she can only tell the truth. She meets the Balladeer, who can only tell lies. The original Daine, who cannot speak without animals coming out of her mouth, reunites her with Biscuit.Central Park
MainAug 27The Balladeer, Daniel Jackson*, Seth*xCurses: The Balladeer brings Daniel and Seth some cat food.Hell's Kitchen
MainAug 27The Balladeer, Greta Baker, Johnny TruantxCurses: Johnny wakes up tangled in brambles in the woods. Greta wakes up, goes to the woods, and immediately becomes hopelessly lost in them.The Ramble
ChatAug 27The Balladeer, Greta Baker, Johnny TruantxCurses: Greta uses Johnny's phone to text the Balladeer for help. It doesn't go immediately well.
ChatAug 27The Balladeer, Daine Sarrasri, Gabriel, Iman Asadi, Johnny Truant, Nicholas Rush*, Peter VincentǂxCurses: Iman texts the network asking for help finding Greta.
MainAug 27Greta Baker, Iman Asadi, Nicholas Rush*xCurses: Iman goes looking for Greta and is able to delete the evidence of her crush from Greta's phone. She then ends up having to help Rush, who is trapped inside mirrors.ROMAC Base, ROMAC apartments
MainAug 27Gus Fring*, Iman Asadi, Nicholas Rush*xCurses: Iman and Rush try to infiltrate ROMAC but Rush ends up captured, and Iman is forced to leave him.ROMAC Base
MainAug 27The Doctor (12)*, Ianto Jones*xCurses: Ianto investigates a candy infestation in the TARDIS.The TARDIS
MainAug 27The Doctor (12)*, the TARDIS*xCurses: The Doctor returns from an info-gathering mission and experiences some communication issues with the TARDIS.The TARDIS
ChatAug 27Daine Sarrasri, Jay Merrick*xCurses: Jay asks Daine about the Rift cats.
MainAug 27Spike, SunshinexCurses: Sunshine seeks Spike out after the curses have lifted, allowing her to remember him.Rebel apartments
ChatAug 28Alex Price*, the Balladeer, Beeǂ, Daniel Jackson*, SpikexAlex contacts the network to see if anyone is missing various items stolen by his mice.
MainAug 28Andrew Noble*, Aziraphaleǂ, MelanieǂxWorking under orders from ROMAC, Andrew locates Melanie.Rebel apartments
MainAug 28Nicholas Rush*, Rashad DurantxRashad discovers that Rush has been imprisoned and sneaks down to speak to him.ROMAC Base
MainAug 28Gabriel, Johnny TruantxJohnny finally returns to Gabriel to try and patch things up.Hell's Kitchen
MainAug 28Jay Merrick*, Tim Wright*xTim returns home, and Jay attempts to make peace.Rebel apartments
ChatAug 28The Balladeer, BeeǂxThe Balladeer consults Bee about Johnny.
MainAug 28Daine Sarrasri, Greg*xGreg arrives and ends up in the polar bear enclosure at the Central Park Zoo.Central Park Zoo
MainAug 28 - Sep 3The Balladeer, Greta Baker, Johnny Truant, Rashad DurantxGreta takes care of Andrew's children for a week and receives a few visitors during that time.ROMAC Base
MainAug 29Daniel Jackson*, Tara Maclay*xTara arrives caught upon the Columbus Circle monument. Daniel offers his assistance.Columbus Circle
MainAug 29Gus Fring*, Nicholas Rush*xGus interrogates and tortures the imprisoned Rush.ROMAC Base
DreamAug 31Asmodia Antarion, the Balladeer, Beeǂ, Daine Sarrasri, Daniel Jackson*, Eliot Waugh, Greta Baker, Iman Asadi, Jay Merrick*, Johnny Truant, Mako Mori*†, Melanieǂ, Peeta Mellark, Peter Vincentǂ, Rashad Durant, Seth*, Sunshine, Tara Maclay*, Tim Wright*, Yuri KostoglodovǂxDream party: The dreamers find themselves in a series of interconnected treehouses.
MainAug 31Aziraphaleǂ, Spike, SunshinexSpike gets a tip for a good blood supply from Sunshine's boss and is finally returned to health. He celebrates with Sunshine and Aziraphale.Sunshine's bakeshop, Aziraphale's bookshop, mysterious butcher shop
DreamSep 1Daine Sarrasri, Iman Asadi, Nicholas Rush*xRush dreams while in captivity; Daine and Iman find him and hatch a plan to break him out.
MainSep 1Daine Sarrasri, Gabriel, Gus Fring*, Iman Asadi, Nicholas Rush*xIman and Daine join forces to break Rush out of ROMAC, then bring him to Gabriel for healing and regrouping.Wilmot's End, ROMAC Base, Hell's Kitchen
ChatSep 1Daniel Jackson*, Tara Maclay*xTara texts Daniel with hopes of meeting up.
MainSep 1Daniel Jackson*, Tara Maclay*xTara visits Daniel at his apartment.W 75th St and Columbus Ave
ChatSep 1Andrew Noble*, Daine SarrasrixAndrew texts Daine for help getting his children back.
MainSep 1Greta Baker, Iman AsadixIman and Greta meet up at Wilmot's End to discuss breaking Rush out, how to keep Greta safe, and definitely nothing else.Wilmot's End
MainSep 4The Balladeer, Beeǂ, Daniel Jackson*, Iman Asadi, Jay Merrick*, Johnny Truant, Melanieǂ, Nicholas Rush*, Peter Vincentǂ, Seth*, Sunshine, Tim Wright*, Yuri KostoglodovǂxSubsequent to James and Andrew (and children)'s escape from Manhattan, the Rift throws an absolute shitfit, variously affecting many different rifties and the whole of the city.various
MainSep 4Jay Merrick*, Tim Wright*xRift Shitfit: Tim wakes up to find his face now looks like the mask his alternate persona wears, preventing him from talking or closing his eyes or going out. Jay looks after him awkwardly.Rebel apartments
MainSep 4Beeǂ, MelanieǂxRift Shitfit: Melanie discovers she can no longer read. Bee senses her distress and comes in to help.Rebel apartments
MainSep 4The Balladeer, SunshinexRift Shitfit: The Balladeer comes across a frustrated, sunlight-deprived Sunshine, unaware that he does not look like himself today.Central Park
MainSep 4Sunshine, Yuri KostoglodovǂxRift Shitfit: Yuri overhears Sunshine cursing to herself and thrusts them into an increasingly awkward pun-laden conversation. Yuri is very overbearing today. Central Park
MainSep 4Daniel Jackson*, Johnny Truant, Iman Asadi, Nicholas Rush*, Seth*xRift Shitfit: Daniel runs into Johnny while looking for Seth, then is promptly killed by the Rift, and Ascends. Rush does not explain the situation very well, leaving Johnny to not explain it very well to Seth in turn.Hell's Kitchen
MainSep 4The Balladeer, Daine Sarrasri, Greta Baker, Gus Fring*, Iman Asadi, Nicholas Rush*, Rashad DurantxROMAC's resources are stretched unusually thin, what with all the shenanigans and goings-on, and various rifties begin to rise up and fight back, pulling the faction's base apart at the seams.ROMAC Base
MainSep 4The Balladeer, Greta Baker, Gus Fring*, Iman Asadi, Nicholas Rush*xROMAC Breakdown: Gus takes Greta prisoner as bait for Iman. Iman and Rush go in to save her. Rush kills Gus and they abscond with Greta, running into the Balladeer along the way.ROMAC Base
ChatSep 4Gabriel, Iman AsadixROMAC Breakdown: A highly distracted half-panicked Iman unceremoniously reports the Greta situation to Gabriel.
MainSep 4Greta Baker, Iman AsadixROMAC Breakdown: Iman and Greta recuperate after getting away from ROMAC and everything is feelings.Greenwich Village
MainSep 4Daine Sarrasri, Rashad DurantxROMAC Breakdown: Deeply upset by the chaos being visited upon his employers, Rashad tries to fix things, and succeeds only in pissing off a tiger.ROMAC Base
MainSep 4Aziraphaleǂ, Gabriel, Rashad DurantxROMAC Breakdown: Aziraphale helps with the evacuation process while others destroy ROMAC; Gabriel explains his issues with ROMAC, then they split up, and Gabriel encounters Rashad.ROMAC Base
DreamSep 7Asmodia Antarion, Aziraphaleǂ, the Balladeer, Beeǂ, Calliope*, Daine Sarrasri, the Doctor (12)*, Eliot Waugh, Greta Baker, Ianto Jones*, Iman Asadi, Jay Merrick*, Johnny Truant, Lucifer, Mako Mori*†, Melanieǂ, Nicholas Rush*, Peeta Mellark, Peter Vincentǂ, Rashad Durant, the TARDIS*, Tim Wright*, Yuri Kostoglodovǂ, Zagreus*xDream party: the dreamers are transported to a series of interconnected islands, and reunited with their dæmons.
MainSep 9Daine Sarrasri, Jay Merrick*, Seth*, Tim Wright*, Yuri KostoglodovǂxTim is captured by Rebels, and Jay only escapes with the help of Daine. They are joined by Seth in an attack on the Rebel Base. Yuri is displeased.Jay's apartment, rifty clinic, Rebel Base
ChatSep 9Aziraphaleǂ, Daine Sarrasri, Peeta MellarkxDanie warns Peeta to vacate the Base and enlists Aziraphale's help in the evacuation.
MainSep 9Aziraphaleǂ, Daine Sarrasri, Peeta MellarkxAfter destroying the Rebel Base, Daine reunites with Peeta and the two of them call on Aziraphale to help them figure out where to live now.Central Park, Western Apartments
ChatSep 9Aziraphaleǂ, GabrielxAziraphale contacts Gabriel with a proposition to jointly take over the former Rebel and ROMAC apartment buildings, to continue providing rifty housing.
MainSep 10Greta Baker, Iman Asadi, Nicholas Rush*xIman engages in some light experimentation on the Rift barrier and is nearly killed for her trouble; Rush is forced to destroy her prosthetic to save her.Carl Schurz Park, Eastern Apartments
MainSep 10Peter Vincentǂ, Seth*xPeter accidentally teleports into Seth's apartment to find Seth overwhelmed by all the powers he took during the Rebel takedown.Hell's Kitchen
MainSep 11Asmodia Antarion, SunshinexAsmodia arrives (again) and is met this time by Sunshine.Bethesda Terrace
MainSep 11-13The Balladeer, Daine Sarrasri, Daniel Jackson*, Gabriel, Iman Asadi, Johnny Truant, Lucifer, Rashad Durant, Seth*xDaniel rematerializes randomly around the city during his ascension and is able to reassure people that he is still alive, sort of.various
ChatSep 12Greta Baker, Iman AsadixIman invites Greta out for drinks.
MainSep 12Greta Baker, Iman AsadixStill recovering from the loss of her arm, Iman attempts to be sociable and ends up getting very drunk with Greta.Iman's apartment, Greta's apartment
ChatSep 12Iman Asadi, Nicholas Rush*xIman drunkenly texts Rush.
DreamSep 14Iman Asadi, Nicholas Rush*xRush and Iman's memories get tangled together and Iman has the dubious honor of experiencing the day Rush stranded himself et al across the universe.
MainSep 14Iman Asadi, Nicholas Rush*xAfter their dream, Rush and Iman meet up to hash stuff out (or not) and work on her arm. They are interrupted by one of the Rift cats.Iman's apartment
ChatSep 14Greta Baker, Iman Asadi, Nicholas Rush*xIman and Rush text Greta while extremely intoxicated.
MainSep 14The Balladeer, Daine Sarrasri, Daniel Jackson*xThe Balladeer struggles through an important date, and is visited by Daine and Daniel.Central Park
DreamSep 15Asmodia Antarion, Aziraphaleǂ, the Balladeer, Beeǂ, Crowleyǂ, Daine Sarrasri, Gabriel, Greta Baker, Iman Asadi, Johnny Truant, Lucifer, Melanieǂ, Nicholas Rush*, Peter Vincentǂ, Rashad Durant, Seth*, Spike, Sunshine, Tim Wright*, Yuri KostoglodovǂxDream party: the dreamers are aged down (and in many cases mentally/emotionally regressed) and transported to a playground and meadow.
ChatSep 16Gabriel, Peter VincentǂxGabriel offers Peter the penthouse apartment in the former ROMAC apartments.
MainSep 17Gabriel, Johnny Truant, Lilly Desange*xLilly arrives, lost, confused, and feral, and Johnny makes the executive decision to take her home, with a bit of a creepy detour on the way.Central Park
ChatSep 17Aziraphaleǂ, GabrielxGabe contacts Aziraphale via angel radio and asks him to take over care of Lilly.
ChatSep 17The Balladeer, Daine Sarrasri, Eliot Waugh, Greta Baker, Ianto Jones*, Iman Asadi, Jay Merrick*, Johnny Truant, Nicholas Rush*, Sunshine, Tim Wright*, Zagreus*xTim's alternate persona sends a cryptic video message to the entire network, prompting a wide range of responses.
MainSep 17/18Daine Sarrasri, Eliot Waugh, Jay Merrick*, Johnny Truant, Spike, Tim Wright*xTim's alternate persona takes over, and they prowl through the park at night, attacking anyone who gets in their way.Central Park
MainSep 18Eliot Waugh, Gabriel, Johnny TruantxJohnny returns home to be healed by a very worried Gabriel; Eliot shows up shortly after with the same idea.Hell's Kitchen
ChatSep 18Eliot Waugh, GabrielxEliot texts Gabriel all he knows about his and Johnny's masked assailant.
ChatSep 18Eliot Waugh, SunshinexEliot texts Sunshine to make arrangements for the next drunk brunch.
MainSep 18Aziraphaleǂ, Jay Merrick*, Johnny Truant, Tim Wright*xTim wakes up in the park, is found first by Aziraphale, then Jay. Johnny pays a visit later to check up on him.Central Park, Western Apartments
MainSep 18Aziraphaleǂ, Johnny Truant, Lilly Desange*, MelanieǂxAziraphale fetches Lilly from Johnny's apartment and takes her home to meet Melanie.Hell's Kitchen, Western Apartments
MainSep 18Spike, SunshinexSpike pays Sunshine a visit for some healing after his run-in with Tim.Western Apartments
ChatSep 18Daine Sarrasri, Jay Merrick*, Johnny Truant, Tim Wright*xTim sends texts to Daine, Johnny, and Jay trying to write off the previous night's events as no big deal.
MainSep 18Asmodia Antarion, Daniel Jackson*xAsmodia and Biscuit decide to put a hex on the weather, which proves difficult in a public area.Sheep Meadow
MainSep 19Aziraphaleǂ, Beeǂ, Gabriel, Peter VincentǂxPeter moves into his new apartment with the help of Bee, Aziraphale, and Gabriel.Western Apartments, Eastern Apartments
ChatSep 21Jay Merrick*, Tim Wright*xJay texts Tim for help.
MainSep 21Jay Merrick*, Tim Wright*xJay wakes up with the overwhelming sensation of dying from a gunshot wound, despite it seeming to be in his head.Western Apartments
DreamSep 21Daniel Jackson*, Greta Baker, Jay Merrick*xAfter being killed by the rift Jay finds himself drifting through people's dreams.
ChatSep 21Greta Baker, Iman AsadixGreta calls Iman after waking up from her Jay-invaded dream, worried that the Rift may have harmed her too.
DreamSep 23The Balladeer, Beeǂ, Gabriel, Greta Baker, Gus Fring*, Iman Asadi, Jay Merrick*, Johnny Truant, Nicholas Rush*, Peter Vincentǂ, Rashad Durant, Seth*, the TARDIS*, Tim Wright*xDream party: the dreamers find themselves living daily life as costumed superheroes.
ChatSep 23The Balladeer, Greta BakerxThe Balldeer texts Greta with some questions about her dream party lookalike.
ChatSep 23Greta Baker, Iman AsadixIman texts Greta in a panic to see if she remembers the dream party, or specifically the part where they made out in it (she doesn't).
MainSep 23Raven Darkholme*, Tim Wright*xRaven arrives, extremely disoriented, and Tim helps her not get hit by a car.Upper West Side
MainSep 25Gabriel, Johnny Truant, Mako Mori*xMako arrives and Johnny gives her the dime tour, eventually meeting up with Gabriel for dinner.Bethesa Terrace, elsewhere
ChatSep 25Gabriel, Johnny TruantxJohnny texts Gabriel to ask if Mako can move into their building.
MainSep 26Daine Sarrasri, Nicholas Rush*xDaine delivers a dog to Rush. You know, for safekeeping. That's definitely all.Eastern Apartments
ChatSep 26Johnny Truant, Zagreus*xJohnny attempts to text Tim and mis-texts Zagreus, incredibly.
ChatSep 26Gabriel, Rashad DurantxRashad protests Gabriel's usurpation of the ROMAC apartments, and Gabriel responds by kicking Rashad and all his things out, depositing them in the park.
MainSep 27Iman Asadi, Lucifer, Nicholas Rush*xIman decides she and Rush are taking his dog for a walk, and then Lucifer decides to join them.Eastern Apartments, Central Park
ChatSep 27Iman Asadi, Nicholas Rush*xRush texts Iman demanding to know where she and Lucifer are and she is less than helpful.
ChatSep 27Greta Baker, Nicholas Rush*xRush texts Greta to drop all kinds of shade about Iman's "extracurricular" activities.
MainSep 27Greta Baker, Iman Asadi, Nicholas Rush*xGreta goes to Rush's apartment wanting to know what's going on, and then Iman returns and is less than pleased.Eastern Apartments
ChatSep 27Iman Asadi, Nicholas Rush*xIman sets some shit straight with Rush.
MainSep 27Gabriel, Johnny TruantxJohnny is assaulted on the way to meet Gabe for a date; Gabe subjects the assailant to his wrath.Midtown
ChatSep 28Aziraphaleǂ, Beeǂ, Calliope*, Ianto Jones*, Mako Mori*, SunshinexIanto sends out a network-wide invitation to the TARDIS for all-day breakfast.
MainSep 28Beeǂ, Tim Wright*xTrying to cope with Jay's apparent death, Tim starts to move his things out of the apartment. Bee stumbles across him and spills the truth about her power.Western Apartments
ChatSep 28The Balladeer, Beeǂ, Greta BakerxBee texts the network asking after Jay and receives some helpful replies.
MainSep 28Asmodia Antarion, Aziraphaleǂ, the Balladeer, Calliope*, Daniel Jackson*, the Doctor (12)*, Greg*, Ianto Jones*, Lilly Desange*, Melanieǂ, Peeta Mellark, Sunshine, the TARDIS*xIanto hosts an all-day breakfast party in the TARDIS.The TARDIS
ChatSep 28Gabriel, Iman AsadixIman vague-texts Gabriel about her Lucifer problems.
MainSep 28Gabriel, Iman AsadixGabriel pays Iman a visit and they talk about their various problems over copious amounts of alcohol, like ya do.Greenwich Village
DreamSep 29Desire, Johnny TruantxJohnny dreams of the house, and Desire finds something they can get excited about.
DreamSep 29Jay Merrick*, Tim Wright*xTim finds Jay in the dreaming and tries to pull him out of the Rift's clutches.
ChatSep 29Asmodia Antarion, the Balladeer, Tim Wright*xAsmodia puts out an ad on the network offering her services as an 'adventurer for hire'.
MainSep 29Asmodia Antarion, Tim Wright*xTim meets Asmodia hoping for her help in finding Jay.Wilmot's End
MainSep 29Asmodia Antarion, the Balladeer, Beeǂ, Daniel Jackson*, Greta Baker, Iman Asadi, Jay Merrick*, Nicholas Rush*, Tim Wright*xJay finds himself pulled back into reality, but as an invisible, intangible ghost.various
ChatSep 29Beeǂ, Tim Wright*xBee contacts Tim to let him know Jay has been spotted and he's a ghost. Tim is not sure how to take this information.
ChatSep 29Asmodia Antarion, Tim Wright*xTim lets Asmodia know Jay's been found, and she immediately offers her services in communicating with ghosts.
MainSep 29Asmodia Antarion, Jay Merrick*, Tim Wright*xTim and Jay try to adjust to Jay's new state of being, and Asmodia tries to help.Western Apartments
DreamSep 30Asmodia Antarion, Aziraphaleǂ, the Balladeer, Daine Sarrasri, Daniel Jackson*, Eliot Waugh, Greta Baker, Iman Asadi, Jay Merrick*, Johnny Truant, Mako Mori*, Melanieǂ, Nicholas Rush*, Peeta Mellark, Peter Vincentǂ, Rashad Durant, Sunshine, Tim Wright*, Yuri KostoglodovǂxDream party: the dreamers find themselves in a post-apocalyptic Manhattan that has been overrun by various kinds of zombies.
ChatSep 30The Balladeer, Daine Sarrasri, Eliot Waugh, Jay Merrick*, Tim Wright*, Yuri KostoglodovǂxTim's alter ego sends the network another esoteric message.
MainSep 30Greta Baker, Iman AsadixGreta and Iman rush to meet each other as soon as they wake up from the dream party, then spend the day together.GCT, Greenwich Village
MainSep 30 - Oct 3Daine Sarrasri, Jay Merrick*, Tim Wright*xOver the course of several days, Tim and Jay learn how to manage Jay being a ghost.Western Apartments
MainOct 1Aziraphaleǂ, Mako Mori*xMako goes to Wilmot's to try and get her head on straight. Aziraphale is not much help.Wilmot's End
ChatOct 1Asmodia Antarion, the Balladeer, Beeǂ, Greta BakerxThe Balladeer texts the network for advice on dealing with a cold.
MainOct 1The Balladeer, Beeǂ, Greta BakerxGreta visits the Balladeer to help tend to him during his strange new battle with common illness; Bee comes by later.Eastern Apartments
MainOct 1Lucifer, Nicholas Rush*xLucifer drops in on Rush to get the 411, to Rush's immense displeasure.somewhere down Park Ave
ChatOct 1Lucifer, Nicholas Rush*xRush emails Lucifer his notes on the rift.
MainOct 2Beeǂ, Daine Sarrasri, Daniel Jackson*, the Doctor (12)*, Johnny Truant, Rashad Durant, Sunshine, the TARDIS*xFlu Season event post: the Rift causes powerful non-human entities to contract a special strain of flu designed just for them.various
MainOct 2Aziraphaleǂ, Gabriel, Johnny Truant, Mako Mori*xFlu Season: Gabriel wakes up sick and disgruntled; Johnny, Aziraphale, and Mako all try variously to help.Hell's Kitchen
ChatOct 2Gabriel, the TARDIS*xFlu Season: The TARDIS contacts Gabriel to inform him she is ill.
ChatOct 2Aziraphaleǂ, the Balladeer, Iman Asadi, Nicholas Rush*, Rashad DurantxFlu Season: Rashad texts the network demanding to know who has cursed him with the flu.
ChatOct 2The Balladeer, Ianto Jones*, Johnny Truant, the TARDIS*, Zagreus*xFlu Season: Zagreus texts the network to declare he is dying.
ChatOct 2The Balladeer, Ianto Jones*, Rashad DurantxFlu Season: Ianto casually fearmongers on the network.
ChatOct 2Jay Merrick*xJay writes Tim a letter, which is really hard while a ghost.
MainOct 3Aziraphaleǂ, Daine Sarrasri, Jay Merrick*xJay goes to Daine for help after Tim is put in a coma by the Rift.Western Apartments
ChatOct 2Greta Baker, Jay Merrick*xJay contacts Greta for help dealing with the catatonic Tim.
MainOct 3Greta Baker, Jay Merrick*xGreta comes to Tim's apartment to help care for Tim, and finds Jay is in need of care as well.Western Apartments
DreamOct 4Asmodia Antarion, Johnny Truant, Tim Wright*xTorn from their host body, Tim's masked persona scrambles through the dreaming looking for people to tackle.
DreamOct 4Iman Asadi, Nicholas Rush*xRush dreams that he is a ruthless A.I. running tests, and Iman is his test subject/victim.
ChatOct 4Iman Asadi, Nicholas Rush*xIman contacts Rush to touch base after their dream.
MainOct 4The Balladeer, Daniel Jackson*, Greta Baker, Nicholas Rush*xDaniel finally descends, memories not entirely intact and language center scrambled.Central Park, Eastern Apartments
ChatOct 4The Balladeer, Greta BakerxGreta asks the Balladeer for help with navigating a Latin-speaking Daniel.
ChatOct 4The Balladeer, Nicholas Rush*xThe Balladeer texts the network for further help communicating with Daniel.
ChatOct 4Johnny Truant, Nicholas Rush*xRush contacts Johnny to inquire about where Daniel is living.
MainOct 4Glados*, Rashad DurantxGlados arrives, highly disgruntled to find herself inhabiting a humanoid body.Bethesda Terrace
ChatOct 4Asmodia Antarion, Desire, Gabriel, Glados*, Ianto Jones*, Nicholas Rush*, Rashad Durant, Sunshine, the TARDIS*, Zagreus*xGlados uses Rashad's phone to text the entire network seeking a supervising organization. She is not thrilled with the results.
MainOct 5Jay Merrick*, Spike, SunshinexJay starts working in Aziraphale's bookshop, much to Spike's chagrin.Aziraphale's bookshop
ChatOct 5Aziraphaleǂ, SpikexSpike wants to know why he is being tormented with the hiring of Jay.
ChatOct 6Iman Asadi, Nicholas Rush*xRush texts Iman in the dead of night telling her he knows how to (partially) fix her arm.
MainOct 6Greta Baker, Iman Asadi, Nicholas Rush*xRush comes to Iman's apartment and manages to get her arm functional again. They celebrate, sort of, and the next day Iman visits Greta to show her their success.Greenwich Village, Eastern Apartments
MainOct 6Jay Merrick*, Tim Wright*xTim wakes up unceremoniously from his coma. Jay helps him escape the hospital.some hospital
MainOct 6Daine Sarrasri, Wheatley*xWheatley literally crashlands on top of Daine and almost entirely fails to cope with having a human body.Central Park
ChatOct 6The Balladeer, Gabriel, Greta Baker, Nicholas Rush*, Peter VincentǂxGabriel texts all the tenants of his newly-acquired apartment building asking how he can enrich their lives.
ChatOct 6Greta Baker, Tim Wright*xTim contacts Greta to thank her for helping him (and Jay) during his coma.
DreamOct 7Asmodia Antarion, the Balladeer, Daine Sarrasri, Daniel Jackson*, Glados*, Greta Baker, Iman Asadi, Jay Merrick*, Johnny Truant, Mako Mori*, Nicholas Rush*, Peeta Mellark, Rashad Durant, Sunshine, the TARDIS*, Tim Wright*, Wheatley*, Zagreus*xDream Party: The dreamers find themselves in a pleasant garden, unable to lie without devolving into sneezing fits.
ChatOct 7Greta Baker, Iman AsadixIman texts Greta after waking up from their unsettling dream experience.
MainOct 7The Balladeer, Greta Baker, Iman AsadixGreta asks the Balladeer to confirm what she learned in last night's dream - that she is dead in her world - and he does. He and Iman try to help her through the fallout.Eastern Apartments
MainOct 7Jay Merrick*, Tim Wright*xTim buys Jay a movie on a whim and they settle in for an actual chill hang-out.Western Apartments
MainOct 8Iman Asadi, Jay Merrick*, Nicholas Rush*, Tim Wright*xMonster Mash: Jay and Rush are jumped by a creature - the Organ Harvester - and barely escape. Jay goes home to be cared for by Tim, Rush goes to the hospital and is picked up by Iman.various
ChatOct 10Aziraphaleǂ, Greta Baker, Iman AsadixAziraphale contacts the entire network looking for someone to help raise Lilly, and Greta hops right on it, much to Iman's distress.
ChatOct 10The Balladeer, Daniel Jackson*, Gabriel, Greta Baker, Iman Asadi, Jay Merrick*, Johnny Truant, Spike, the TARDIS*xDaniel contacts everyone to let them know he's solid again.
MainOct 10Aziraphaleǂ, Greta Baker, Lilly Desange*, MelanieǂxAziraphale and Melanie accompany Lilly to meet her new caretaker.Eastern Apartments
MainOct 10Jay Merrick*, Tim Wright*xJay gives Tim a ukulele, just cause.Western Apartments
MainOct 12Gabriel, Mako Mori*xGabriel invites Mako on a breakfast outing.Hell's Kitchen
MainOct 13Spike, SunshinexSunshine pays Spike a visit, and they are disrupted by the murder kitten.Western Apartments
MainOct 13Peter Vincentǂ, Wheatley*xMonster Mash: Wheatley finds himself in possession of the Master Key and accidentally winds up in Peter's apartment.Eastern Apartments
MainOct 13Calliope*, the Doctor (12)*xCallie brings the Doctor some muffins and they decide to explore the ocean.The TARDIS
MainOct 13Daine Sarrasri, Daniel Jackson*, Ianto Jones*xIanto heads to Wilmot's to get away from his alien family for a bit.Wilmot's End
MainOct 13Jay Merrick*, Tim Wright*xMonster Mash: Jay and Tim are attacked by a creature (the Fearmonger) and only escape thanks to Tim's alter streets
DreamOct 14Asmodia Antarion, Daine Sarrasri, Daniel Jackson*, Greta Baker, Mako Mori*, Melanieǂ, Nicholas Rush*, Peter Vincentǂ, Wheatley*xDream party: the dreamers find themselves trapped in an ever-shifting landscape of TV show genres.
ChatOct 14Jay Merrick*, Tim Wright*xTim contacts Jay after coming back to himself.
MainOct 14Jay Merrick*, Tim Wright*xTim heads home and Jay fills him in on what happened.Western Apartments
ChatOct 16Greta Baker, Iman AsadixGreta nervously invites Iman over to meet Lilly and Iman nervously accepts.
MainOct 16Greta Baker, Iman Asadi, Lilly Desange*xIman is introduced to Lilly and the dog and it's cute and awkward.Eastern Apartments
ChatOct 18Asmodia Antarion, the Balladeer, Spike, Sunshine, Tim Wright*xThe Balladeer contacts the network offering guitar lessons (and other instruments) to anyone who wants them.
MainOct 19Asmodia Antarion, Daine SarrasrixMonster Mash: Asmodia gets bitten by an entity that causes her to fall in love with Daine.Central Park
MainOct 20The Balladeer, Tim Wright*xTim visits the Balladeer to get his guitar lessons, and the Balladeer is treated to Tim's particular song.
ChatOct 20Eliot Waugh, Johnny TruantxJohnny asks Eliot out, awkwardly.
MainOct 21Eliot Waugh, Gabriel, Johnny TruantxGabriel decides it's time to take Johnny out on the town, on the same day of Johnny's plans with Eliot.Hell's Kitchen
DreamOct 23Asmodia Antarion, Aziraphaleǂ, the Balladeer, Beeǂ, Calliope*, Daine Sarrasri, Daniel Jackson*, the Doctor (12)*, Gabriel, Greta Baker, Ianto Jones*, Iman Asadi, Mako Mori*, Nicholas Rush*, Peter Vincentǂ, Rashad Durant, Sunshine, the TARDIS*, Tim Wright*, Yuri Kostoglodovǂ, Wheatley*xDream Party: The dreamers enjoy a costumed party where drinking the punch makes them believe they are whatever they're dressed as.
MainOct 23The Balladeer, Greta BakerxGreta and the Balladeer touch base following the most recent shared dream.Eastern Apartments
ChatOct 23The Balladeer, GabrielxThe Balladeer reaches out to Gabriel in apology for his dream behavior.
MainOct 23The Balladeer, GabrielxThe Balldeer and Gabriel meet up to see about quieting all that angelic noise down a bit.Wilmot's End
ChatOct 25Daine Sarrasri, Spike, SunshinexSpike seeks a sparring buddy, and Sunshine is less than impressed.
MainOct 25Spike, SunshinexSpike and Sunshine try to work things out after that awkward text exchange.Western Apartments
MainOct 29Asmodia Antarion, Cole, SpikexCole arrives. His first meeting with Asmodia doesn't go particularly well so he erases himself from her memory. Meeting Spike goes much more smoothly.Central Park
MainOct 29Greta Baker, Jack FrostxJack tries to figure out where he is, and is excited to discover that Greta can see him.Central Park
ChatOct 29Gabriel, Greta BakerxGreta invites Gabriel over to meet the new arrival.
MainOct 29The Balladeer, Jess MarianoxJess arrives and immediately gets hit by a car. The Balladeer helps out.the street
DreamOct 30Asmodia Antarion, the Balladeer, Cole, Daine Sarrasri, Greta Baker, Jack Frost, Jane Eyre*, Jess Mariano, Melanieǂ, Rashad, SunshinexDream Party: the dreamers find themselves at the legendary Mall of America, each equipped with three wishes.
MainOct 31Gabriel, Greta BakerxGreta goes to Iman's apartment and finds her gone.Iman's apartment
ChatOct 31Greta BakerxGreta prays for Gabriel's help finding Iman.
ChatOct 31 - Nov 10Greta Baker, Iman AsadixGreta texts Iman without response, realizes she's gone, then keeps texting.
MainNov 1The Balladeer, Greta Baker, Jack FrostxThe Balladeer checks in on Greta. Jack drops by to lighten the mood a bit.Eastern Apartments
MainNov 8Asmodia Antarion, Jess MarianoxAsmodia and Jess clash on a money hunt and it escalates quickly.Diamond District
MainNov 10Iman Asadi, James T. KirkxThe Rift spits out Kirk and Iman in immediate succession, and an extremely distracted Iman takes Kirk home with her.Central Park
MainNov 10Greta Baker, Iman AsadixIman abandons Kirk to find Greta, and then she and Greta finally make out. A lot.Eastern Apartments
MainNov 11The Balladeer, Steven UniversexSteven warps into Manhattan and stumbles upon the Balladeer.Central Park
MainNov 11Cole, Daine SarrasrixCole finds Daine as they attempt to help the same sparrow.Central Park
ChatNov 11The Balldeer, Greta BakerxThe Balldeer checks in and lets Greta know he's adopted a child.
ChatNov 12Gabriel, Johnny Truant, Steven UniversexSteven texts the network to let them know he's arrived!
MainNov 13The Balladeer, James T. Kirk, Jess Mariano, Steven UniversexSteven and the Balladeer jam together in the Park and make some new friends.Central Park
DreamNov 14Asmodia Antarion, the Balladeer, Castor el-Saeid†, Cole, Daine Sarrasri, Gabriel, Greta Baker, Iman Asadi, James T. Kirk, Jess Mariano, Johnny Truant, King Richard†, Rashad Durant, Seth*, Steven Universe, SunshinexDream Party: the dreamers find themselves - or don't - in total darkness. But at least they have their dæmons!
MainNov 15Greta Baker, Iman AsadixGreta finds Lilly gone and goes to Iman for comfort.Iman's apartment
MainNov 15Gabriel, Johnny TruantxGabriel finds honey Johnny left him as an offering, but Johnny is busy tattooing a client.Hell's Kitchen
MainNov 17Cole, Daine Sarrasri, Gabriel, Johnny TruantxGabriel realizes the TARDIS has disappeared and falls apart.The Ramble
ChatNov 17Daine Sarrasri, Johnny TruantxDaine contacts Johnny to let him know about the TARDIS and Gabriel.
MainNov 18Jess Mariano, Spike, SunshinexJess hunts for a good bookstore and instead finds Aziraphale's, meeting Sunshine and Spike.Aziraphale's bookshop
MainNov 21Castor el-Saeid, James T. KirkxCastor arrives and has the good fortune to meet Kirk, a man with his ducks in a row.Central Park
MainNov 22The Balladeer, Greta Baker, Iman Asadi, Johnny Truant, Steven UniversexOn the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination the Balladeer's personality is supplanted by Lee Harvey Oswald. Steven turns to others for help.Eastern Apartments
ChatNov 22Greta Baker, Jess Mariano, Johnny Truant, Steven UniversexSteven reaches out for help with the Balladeer.
ChatNov 22Gabriel, LuciferxGabriel invites Lucifer over for a totally friendly chat.
MainNov 22Gabriel, LuciferxGrieving over the loss of the TARDIS, Gabriel tries to banish himself and Lucifer back to heaven.Hell's Kitchen
MainNov 23Daine Sarrasri, King RichardxKing Richard arrives, much confused, with a dragon and a horse, and is assisted by Daine.The Ramble
MainNov 24Castor el-Saeid, SpikexFrustrated over Sunshine's worsening condition, Spike tries to a pick a barfight, and Castor is all too happy to oblige.Wilmot's End
MainNov 26The Balladeer, Greta BakerxWith Steven finally elsewhere, the Balladeer seizes the opportunity to learn some things about his newly discovered other self.Eastern Apartments
DreamNov 29Castor el-Saeid, Gabriel, Greta Baker, Iman Asadi, Johnny Truant, King Richard, Rashad Durant, Steven Universe, SunshinexDream party: The dreamers are taken to an elegant dinner party, accompanied by formal wear and individual audible narration of their innermost thoughts.

*dropped character
ǂretired character (still in game-world, not actively played)
†character not yet officially in game at time of post