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For the past few years, the world has become more and more temporally unstable. Rifts in time and space have started opening up all around the world, letting things slip through. Things like monsters, aliens, weird artifacts, strange people from different universes... and you.

One such rift is centered over Manhattan, in modern-day New York. And for the past few years, there were two factions in the city who attempted, in their own ways, to deal with it.

Since nearly the beginning of the crisis, the ROMAC group (Rift Observation, Management And Containment) had kept a lid on the strange forces at work and stranger new arrivals in the city. ROMAC semi-secretly monitored the rift, registered new arrivals, and protected the natives of New York - and the rest of the Earth - from dangerous alien entities. The people who ran ROMAC were neither heartless nor ruthless (well, most of them weren't). The group provided nonviolent arrivals with a place to live and an allowance to live on.

Some people, however, questioned ROMAC's motives and their right to control the lives of beings whose only crime was often that they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Depending on whom you asked, the Rebels of Manhattan were anything from idealistic seekers of justice to hypocritical terrorists. They concealed new rifties from the authorities, and infiltrated and sabotaged the operations of ROMAC when and where they could.

But neither faction was perfect, and neither was above imprisoning or manipulating the people under their care to further their own agendas. When it became clear that neither faction could really be trusted, the Rifties of Manhattan took matters into their own hands. ROMAC and the Rebels were both violently dismantled, and their records - both scientific and personal - scattered to the winds. The rift's existence, successfully hidden from the majority of the native population, became public knowledge.

Now, without the factions to help or hide them, it will be up to the Rifties to look after one another in a city that might not be too keen to welcome them. If they cooperate, however, they might just be able to survive - or even thrive - in the city they can't help but call home.

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