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Player Contact List

Name: AJ
Pronouns: She/Her
Characters: Gabriel ([personal profile] has_a_horn), James T. Kirk ([personal profile] james_t), Spike ([personal profile] erratic_hematic)
AIM: thiscosmiccelery
Email: notonboats [at] gmail

Name: Alix
Pronouns: She/Her, They/Them
Characters: Desire ([personal profile] endless_epithumia), Eliot Waugh ([personal profile] eliotwaugh)
AIM: AvalonAuggie
Email: avalonauggie [at] gmail

Name: Carrie
Pronouns: She/Her
Characters: Daine Sarrasri ([personal profile] wildmage_daine), Greta Baker ([personal profile] andhiswife), Steven Universe ([profile] cheeseburger_backback),
Sunshine ([personal profile] rae_of_sun)
Retired Characters: Melanie ([personal profile] all_the_gifts)
AIM: Platy121
Email: cariva02 [at] smumn [dot] edu

Name: Cully
Pronouns: She/Her
Retired Characters: Crowley ([personal profile] anguiform)
AIM: Culumacilinte
Email: im.going.nowhere.very.slowly [at] gmail

Name: Ellis
Pronouns: He/Him, She/Her
Characters: Castor el-Saeid ([personal profile] boneshaker), Cole ([personal profile] lonelyghost), Iman Asadi ([personal profile] etherthief), Johnny Truant ([personal profile] johnny_truant)
Retired Characters: Aziraphale ([personal profile] bibliophale), Bee ([personal profile] apidae)
AIM: woodironbone
Email: woodironbone [at] gmail

Name: Inky
Pronouns: She/Her
Characters: Lucifer ([personal profile] wentdowntogeorgia)
AIM: inkblotmeringue

Name: Kathryn
Pronouns: She/Her
Characters: Asmodia Antarion ([personal profile] biscuit_powered), Jack Frost ([personal profile] spiritofwinter), Rashad Durant ([personal profile] omnomnom_feels)
Retired Characters: Peter Vincent ([personal profile] fucking_ebay), Yuri Kostoglodov ([personal profile] stronglikebear)
AIM: thspoofmaster
Email: kathrynkr [at] gmail

Name: Kelly
Pronouns: She/Her
Characters: Peeta Mellark ([personal profile] peeta_mellark)
AIM: stringertheory
Email: xqqmoi [at] gmail

Name: Kristine
Pronouns: She/Her
Characters: Jess Mariano ([personal profile] literatimariano), King Richard ([personal profile] royaldick)
AIM: krharbek
Email: krharbek [at] gmail

Name: Lu
Pronouns: She/Her
Characters: The Balladeer ([personal profile] singthesong)
AIM: lluosogrwydd
Email: llusogrwydd [at] gmail

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