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Comment to this post to let us know where your character is living.

Feel free to also create a post in your character journal with information/pictures from their living arrangement, and we'll link it here.

Angel House East a.k.a. GABRIEL'S RADPAD (formerly ROMAC apartments)
The Balladeer & Steven Universe
Castor el-Saeid
Greta Baker, with Ruckus (layout)
James T. Kirk
Jess Mariano
Peter Vincent (penthouse apartment)

Angel House West a.k.a. AZIRAPHALE'S HOUSE OF ANTIQUES (formerly Rebel apartments)
Asmodia Antarion, with Biscuit
Aziraphale & Melanie (18th floor)
Bee (18th floor)
Cole (15th floor - in theory)
Daine Sarrasri, with Shadow, Sarge, and Molly
Peeta Mellark, with Effie
Spike, with Scheherazade (15th floor)
Sunshine (18th floor corner suite)
Yuri Kostoglodov

Gabriel's Building (Hell's Kitchen)
Gabriel, with Scout (4th floor)
Johnny Truant, with Yarrow (3rd floor)

Elsewhere (homeless characters should also go here)
Cole - wandering around (in practice)
Eliot Waugh - apartment in East Village (46 St Mark's Place Apt 10)
Iman Asadi - laboratory apartment in Greenwich Village
Jack Frost - wherever he likes

Desire - in the garbage
Lucifer - abandoned warehouse in the Meatpacking District
Rashad Durant - the struggle is real

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