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Google map with game-specific location notes.

Manhattan info on Wikitravel.

A thing that shows you the weather in Manhattan on any date.

Rift influence map

Rift map
1. Abundant rift activity
2. Frequent rift activity
3. Occasional rift activity
4. Rare rift activity
5. No observed rift activity


The focal point of the rift is located over the lake (which is simply called The Lake, as there aren't many of them) at Bethesda Fountain, in the middle of Central Park. The rift itself is not visible to the naked eye, but it can be observed with special equipment, and Rifties with certain sensitivities might be able to get a vague bead on it. Many - if not most - new arrivals will find themselves within an easy stroll of this spot, though it's not unheard of for the Rift to spit people out a bit farther afield.

Bethesda Fountain


Angel House East (formerly ROMAC apartments)
The apartment building previously affiliated with ROMAC is located on the corner of Park Ave and 90th, on the Upper East Side. The units are primarily studio or one-bedroom apartments, so they're a little on the cramped side, but they're well-kept and pre-furnished, and available to Rifties free of charge. Laundry facilities and parking are provided but why would anyone own a car in Manhattan. Maintenance and tenant needs provided by Gabriel.

Current tenants include: The Balladeer, Castor el-Saeid, Crowley, Greta Baker, James T. Kirk, Jess Mariano, Peter Vincent, and Steven Universe.

 photo studio 02_zpsyuvpwj3n.jpg

Angel House West (formerly Rebel apartments)
The building formerly maintained by the Rebels is located at Columbus and 92nd, on the Upper West Side. Most of the units available are studio apartments, but there are a few one-bedrooms if you're lucky enough to snag one. The rooftop features a beehive, an increasingly ambitious garden, and some seating. Most of the doors and all of the easily accessible windows (those at the ends of the hallways) are warded against Lucifer. As with the old ROMAC building, all units are available free of charge.

Current tenants include: Asmodia Antarion, Aziraphale, Bee, Cole, Daine Sarrasri, Melanie, Peeta Mellark, Spike, Sunshine, and Yuri Kostoglodov.

 photo studio 01_zps4wjhkzaa.jpg

Generally speaking, the former ROMAC building is a bit nicer than the former Rebel building, which is older and more worn down. Since the fall of the factions, however, they have come under new management, and the amenities are essentially the same. Maintenance and tenant needs provided by Aziraphale.

Gabriel's Building
The archangel Gabriel owns and lives in a building on West 48th St, smack dab between 9th and 10th Ave and across from the Clinton Community Garden in Hell's Kitchen. It's not a huge building, but he might have a unit to spare for a Rifty in need. And hey, who doesn't want Gabriel for a landlord? He'll keep you on your toes!

Current tenants include: Gabriel and Johnny Truant.

 photo gabe building_zps793wnjmq.png


Wilmot's End
A pub for Rifties located in the East Village. It's open 24/7, and there is an adults-only club space on the second floor. All are welcome in the first-floor pub area, regardless of age or species. For more details on Wilmot's End, see this post.

 photo wilmot interior_zpsdd0debna.jpg

Rifty Clinic
A small clinic is located in a building on the corner of Broadway and 11th street. The provide medical services free of charge, and are kept afloat by donations and dedicated staff members. If you have a health issue but are unable to go to a regular clinic, they will do their best to help you. As well as dealing with injuries, disease, pregnancies, etc, they also help people with unwanted or dangerous powers. They are completely confidential.

 photo clinic_zpsicjtl5g6.jpg

Glaser's Bakeshop / Aziraphale's Bookshop
Located right next to one another on the corner of 1st Ave and 87th St are a bakeshop and a bookshop, respectively. The bakeshop, formerly just a small, walk-in affair, has been miraculously expanded to include seating and a coffee station. Sunshine works here most days, and word's gotten out that it's a pretty good place for Rifties to chill. More information on Glaser's and its staff can be found here.

Far less pleasant is the bookshop next door, where Aziraphale and Spike collectively cultivate an unpleasant environment for anyone who has the gall to attempt shopping there. Think this, but with far worse lighting. That said, if you're friends with either of them, you can stop by, have a chat, and even browse the rickety stacks if you're feeling brave enough.

 photo glaser bookshop 02_zpspr3kxhob.jpg

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