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All cats go where they please, but there are cats in Manhattan that take that adage to the extreme. They might be mistaken for strays, but upon closer examination, it's clear they're something more. Their eyes are a blank, pearlescent white. They have an unsettling tendency to show up, suddenly and without invitation, in locked apartments or other ostensibly cat-proof places. And they can talk, when they have something to say.

The exact nature of the cats is difficult to discern, but if you get to know them - or happen to catch their notice - you will find that they have distinct personalities beneath the layer of Smug they all seem to share. Their interests seem to vary, and they do not always get along with one another. But some things they all share: a broad interest in the Rifties of Manhattan, and certain knowledge of the Rift itself.

They might be willing to share some of their secrets, if you have something to offer them in return.

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Comment here to reserve a character.

Reservations last for one week, and can be renewed up to two times, for a total of three weeks. If your application is denied, your character will automatically be reserved for three days to allow you time to re-apply.

It's not required to reserve a character before applying.

Currently reserved:

(Please see the cast list for taken characters.)
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Bear in mind that a power does not necessarily have to be voluntary, nor do they need to be useful. Furthermore, all powers can (and should) come with restrictions that specify under what circumstances or to what extent they will work.

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For power ideas, see for example PowerListing.
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