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Bear in mind that a power does not necessarily have to be voluntary, nor do they need to be useful. Furthermore, all powers can (and should) come with restrictions that specify under what circumstances or to what extent they will work.

Powers currently owned by characters:
(this list does not include special skills)

Asmodia Antarion / [personal profile] biscuit_powered
-Witch: wide range of magical abilities (see specific info here)

Aziraphale / [personal profile] bibliophale
-Reality warping: granting miracles large and small (often for convenience)
-Accelerated healing of self and others
-Teleportation (with wings)

The Balladeer / [personal profile] singthesong
-Musical intuition: The Balladeer is able to create incredibly accurate songs about people he meets. Prone to canon puncture.

Bee / [personal profile] apidae
-Inductive awareness: Bee can "see" casuality; the past actions and reasonings of others mapped out in her head upon meeting them.
-Entropic immunity: She doesn't get dirty, her hair and nails don't grow, and if she ages, she is doing it verrry sloooowly.

Castor el-Saeid / [personal profile] boneshaker
-Trash magic (details here)

Cole / [personal profile] lonelyghost
-can remove himself from others' memories as needed
-can go completely unnoticed if he wishes
-can feel other people's pain

Crowley / [personal profile] anguiform
-similar array of powers to Aziraphale
-Transformation: can turn into a snake or turn parts of his body snakelike

Daine Sarrasri / [personal profile] wildmage_daine
-Wild magic: Ability to transform into various animals, heal animals, and communicate telepathically with animals.

Desire / [personal profile] endless_epithumia
-Desire: They can alter people's priorities, make them obsessed and consumed by wants, lust, etc.
-Mind invasion: can create fantasies in a person's head and trap them there (limited)

Eliot Waugh / [personal profile] eliotwaugh
-Matter manipulation: Eliot can make changes to his external environment, governed by the law of conservation of matter and steeped in a complicated academic background.

Gabriel / [personal profile] has_a_horn
-Matter creation: can create things from nothing with some limitations
-Accelerated healing
-Teleportation (with wings)

Greta Baker / [personal profile] andhiswife
-Preternatural unfocused productivity: She can do anything she doesn't put her mind to!

Iman Asadi / [personal profile] etherthief
-Empirical alchemy: Iman can alter data and information in almost any form.
-Ether theft: Iman can alter material essence (weight, substance, texture, temperature, etc). Small scale and temporary.

Jack Frost / [personal profile] spiritofwinter
-Ice/snow manipulation

James T. Kirk / [personal profile] james_t
-Supreme diplomacy: Kirk can convince others of anything, provided he believes he is telling the truth.

Jess Mariano / [personal profile] literatimariano
-several powers granted via video game logistics

Johnny Truant / [personal profile] johnny_truant
-Structural mutability: Johnny can change the relative size and layout of man-made structures or houses.

King Richard / [personal profile] royaldick
-Hero sword: Richard has sole control over a magical sword that can penetrate anything.

Lucifer / [personal profile] wentdowntogeorgia
-The Literal Devil: invulnerability, accelerated healing, teleportation, telekinesis, reality warping, mind reading/invasion, superhuman strength/stamina
-Cosmic shitfit: may involve freezing water, setting fires, punching people through the chest, being a generally deadly jerk. Limitations imposed erratically.

Melanie / [personal profile] all_the_gifts
-"Hungry" (fungus-zombie): superhuman speed/strength, biohazardous blood
-Half human: Melanie has immense self-control over her hunger.

Peeta Mellark / [personal profile] peeta_mellark

Peter Vincent / [personal profile] fucking_ebay
-Teleportation: can teleport but only with a big burst of smoke and fire, and often incompetently

Rashad Durant / [personal profile] omnomnom_feels
-Emotional absorption: Rashad was formerly able to absorb strong emotions at will; now he has emotions of his own. If he passes by a large group of people all feeling similar emotions those emotions will be imposed on him.
-Accelerated healing
-Etheric fire: He can hurl fireballs at enemies, but it uses up a lot of energy.

Spike / [personal profile] erratic_hematic
-Vampire: superhuman strength/speed/stamina/reflexes/sensory capacity; also granted sunlight immunity by Rift
-Spontaneous book materialization

Steven Quartz Universe / [personal profile] cheeseburger_backpack
-Gem powers: Steven can manifest a protective bubble around himself and others, as well as a physical shield.
-Inspiration: Steven inspires others to be the best thems they can be!

Sunshine / [personal profile] rae_of_sun
-Sunlight affinity: empowered by sunlight (+2 against vampires)
-Dark vision: Sunshine can see in the dark and read people's shadows to see if they're lying.
-Transmutation: capable of transmuting small objects into other small objects.

Yuri Kostoglodov / [personal profile] stronglikebear
-Werebear: Yuri turns into a bear at every full moon.

For power ideas, see for example PowerListing.

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