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1. Please make sure you’ve read the premise, rules and FAQ.

2. Update your character journal's user info with at least some of the information from your application so other players can have a general sense of your character by looking at their profile.

3. Participate in one of our Dream Parties. They go up at the end of the month and usually last a week or two before slowing down. These parties function as test drives and are a great way to see how your character and writing style gels with the rest of the group.

4. If you're apping a character with canon-mates already in the game, talk to the players behind those characters to make sure you're all on the same page regarding impending CR and character arcs.

5. Fill out the application and post it to your character journal.

The application:

6. Request membership to [community profile] bigapplesauce, [community profile] applesauceooc, [community profile] applesaucedream, and [community profile] applesaucechat.

7. Post a comment on this post with the subject: "Character Name [Canon/OC]"
and including the following.

Fill out and post this to your character journal so other players can know what they can do with your character. Feel free to elaborate on how your character might react, or specifics and boundaries, and whether to discuss it with you first.

This is not mandatory, but is very helpful in avoiding misunderstandings. Please also check a character’s permissions before you do these things.

All applications should be processed within two weeks time, usually faster. If your application is denied, we will always present you with reasons and suggestions for improvement. We'd love to have you in the game.

If you have not for some reason heard back from us within two weeks of application submission, then please feel free to contact us!

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